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Looking for home decor ideas on a budget? Here are some lovely ideas and products that cost under Rs. 1000 to decorate your house!

Looking for home decor ideas on a budget? Here are some lovely ideas and products that cost under Rs. 1000 to decorate your house!

Cushion covers are a quick and cheap way to decorate your living room or bedroom. There is a huge collection available in stores and online and in across all price ranges.

The best way to go about using cushions is to use the 2-2-1 arrangement. 2 big square pillows at the extreme ends in one pattern, 2 more in a slightly smaller size in maybe a different pattern, and then a smaller rectangular or square cushion in the center. You can even do the 2 big and 1 smaller cushion in mixed patterns. The odd number ratio makes it look casual and interesting. Try to keep the colours and patterns to a mix of 2 or maximum 3. Use this technique to brighten up your house easily and affordably.

Where to buy? Zansaar has a pretty collection in the less than Rs. 1000 range.

Easy, changeable wall art

This is a very versatile way to change the look of a wall, room, or the whole house.

Wall art need not be an expensive piece of art brought from a gallery. Look around your house and you will see prospective art in magazine prints, your kids’ artwork, pretty gift wrap (yes, the ones that are too pretty to wrap gifts in), even fabric, clothes – someone I know framed four of her son’s baby tees in identical square white frames.

Vintage maps, paper, magazine pull outs make for great wall art. The idea is to match it with your room’s look. Depending on what you use, a personal touch can be brought in with wall art.

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Choose something that makes you happy and you can change it again once you have had enough of it.

Where to buy? Check with your local frame shop to get your customized wall art framed.

Store & Display jewellery holders

MyArtitude ceramic jewellery holdersA cheap and easy way to store and display your trinkets are these ceramic jewellery holders.

They can be used in multiple ways, to display earrings, hold accessories, toothbrushes, cosmetics. Using something like this helps clear space and organise your bathroom or dresser area. It also makes for a pretty and functional display area. I use mine to hold all my make up pencils, and display and access my earrings easily.

There are a lot of options in the under Rs. 1000 category. But if you want something even cheaper, then look into your kitchen! Ceramic or glass bowls, kitchen trays and ceramic tea mugs without handles make for great displays and home decor ideas on a budget.

Where to buy? My Artitude’s Facebook page

Mirror, mirror on the wall

MirrorMirrors are an elegant and quick way to perk up a space. It is a perfect home decor idea on a budget. You can either pick one single mirror or a set of smaller mirrors. I had a set of four round mirrors that I have used in multiple combinations while setting up and decorating 5 homes across 3 continents. They are an easy and fun way to decorate.

Mirrors help in lending aesthetic beauty as well as serve a functional purpose. Need that last minute quick check to see if you look okay before stepping out? Hang a mirror near the entrance. For small rooms, a big mirror helps make the room look and feel bigger than it is.

Check out these mirrors under Rs. 1000 from Junglee.com.

Where to buy? Junglee.com

Frames of memory

Photo frames are one of my favourite ways to change the look, freshen up a room, and add a personal touch!

Choose a few frames that you like and go well with your decor. The pictures can be refreshed every few months. They are an easy-on-the-pocket way to decorate the house.

You can have a single frame on an end table or display stand; or even group together a set of frames to make it a theme based cluster.

The idea is to get all those memories out of those tiny memory cards and let them bask in the admiring stares of you, your friends and family.

If this thought has been on your mind, get those pictures printed and go on buy a few frames and re-decorate your house.

Where to buy? Jabong.com

Throws from old stoles

Throws are a common soft furnishing accessory. They are not just functional decor but they add style, colour, pattern and keep you warm. They make for lovely gifts and can be draped anywhere. You can use them in a lot of ways – to glam up and make a sofa cosy use a throw, drape your throw on your bed’s headboard, use it to protect cushions on your sofas, fold it lengthwise and layer it on your bed as a runner, throw it over the arm of the sofa or the back of the sofa. If you have a chaise lounge, then put the throw diagonally across towards the open end – it looks casual yet stylish. You don’t have to go out and buy expensive throws. Look around for your old shawls and twin sized blankets which can be used as throws. They make for a classy yet budget decor idea.

Where to buy? Superhome.in has a lot of options in the under Rs. 1000 category.

On a floral trip

FlowersFlowers are the simplest, easiest way to brighten up a home.

They make any room bright, beautiful and inviting. Flowers make a room cheerful, make for lovely decor and complete a room.

You could put them in a vase or a glass from your kitchen. Place it on the dining table or your window sill.

Add a few greens, use flowers of a single colour or throw in all the colours you want.

Flowers will perk up your mood instantly and they are so easy on the pocket. So go ahead and treat yourself to a lovely bunch of flowers.

Where to buy? Your local florist.

Hope you enjoy shopping on a budget and tell us your secrets to budget shopping!

*Photo credits: (Used under the Creative Commons Attribution License) 

Wall art: Houzz.comCeramic jewellery holders: My Artitude; Cushions: ZansaarMirror: Jonas MerianFlowers: Simran Dhaliwal


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