4 Practical Ways To Decorate Your Child’s Room

Suiting your child's room to his/her needs and yours can be quite the task. Here are easy ways to decorate your kid's room and make it fun and functional!

Suiting your child’s room to his/her needs and yours can be quite the task. Here are easy ways to decorate your kid’s room and make it fun and functional!

Have you been looking for ways to organise your child’s room in a better manner? Do you want to keep things where they belong, and get your children to put away their toys, shoes, and clothes at the right place? Here are some ideas to make your child’s room fun yet functional, and to make cleaning, sorting, and organizing easy for you and your child.

I feel houses can be huge black holes. It takes a lot of your time and energy to keep them clean and organized. The time problem gets compounded for working women. There is so much to do and so little time! Ask any parent, and they will certainly mention the issue of keeping their child’s stuff out of the way.

Personally, I love kids’ rooms that look like they belong to a kid, but they should have functional decor too. There should be a place for their things – toys, shoes, clothes, books, craft supplies, crayons, and the million pieces of Lego. Also, considering how active kids are, there should be enough space for them to play around, build those castles, and play pretend Superman.

Clothes Storage


For the little ones, their clothes storage should be easy to access. My son is very independent when it comes to getting ready. He chooses his clothes on his own, finds the socks, the undergarments, and his outfit on his own, and lays it out on the bed. One of the reasons behind that is that all his clothes drawers are at a height where he can reach them and see everything.

So it is a good idea to invest in a good dresser or armoire suitable for your child’s height . You can even put stickers on each drawer. That will make getting ready (and putting clothes back after laundry) so much fun, and easy. It will also save you some work and make day-to-day living more organised.


This could well be the single largest item pool in the child’s bedroom. Available in all forms, sizes, colours, and shapes these can become a huge ugly monster if not tackled properly. Just kidding!

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There should be a lot of storage to keep toys. Seriously, lots. And most of it should be in easy-to-pull drawers or baskets. That serves two purposes – one is that the child is able to take out his/her toys easily – results in fewer tantrums and whine sessions. Second, portable storage makes clean-up a breeze.

Ask any mother, and that is one feature she would love! At home, we circulate our toys. So, some go in for a few months while we keep the others in transparent baskets with lids. After a few weeks or months of playing, when my son gets bored of these toys, we keep these in and take out the other lot.

Keeps the playing stock fresh and interest alive! The transparent storage makes it easy for my son to pick what he wants to play with.

Shoe storage

Those tiny feet grow so fast, and the number of shoes in the house also grows very fast. A friend mentioned that they got rid of the “Which shoes do I wear, Mumma?”, “Where are my red sandals, Daddy?” questions by keeping a shoe rack in their room which displays all their footwear. The kids can choose and wear them on their own. The shoe rack also serves as a house for a pretend-house game, with each cubby hole becoming a separate room in a pretend-house. Another benefit – the kids clean up their shoes when they get too dirty. That is learning some more responsible behaviour there!


Comfortable seating

Another important thing to consider is seating. For all those tiny folks, there could be lots of floor cushions, small chairs, bean bags. There needs to be ample space to sit and play, draw, read, write, have parties, and family conferences. You can place rugs around the room to keep their little feet warm, and give them enough space to sit down and play.

A table with a low height and child friendly chairs around it gives them a place to sit and do their work. Floor cushions and bean bags are perfect for kids – soft, squishy to sink in, and they come in fun colours and designs.


So this Children’s day, scan your little one’s room and see if these four things are available in it. Give them the gift of being independent, self reliant, and smart young men and women. Make things accessible and available to them, and that in turn will make your life easier. Happy Children’s Day!

Pic credit: Image of children’s room via Shutterstock, Pinterest, Flickr Creative Commons.


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