How To Organise Your Home: Home Décor Ideas

Here are a few tips to organise your home and save time. Functional home décor ideas to make your life smoother and more beautiful.

Here are a few tips to organise your home and save time. Functional home décor ideas to make your life smoother and more beautiful.

We had moved houses and life was finally returning to normal after all the unpacking. That is when I realised I was spending a lot of time doing everyday stuff or hunting for things on a daily basis. There was no system in place and I was disorganised in my head. I decided I had to set things right.  Here are a few practical home décor ideas that helped me get organised and save time.

Keep a small basket or compartmentalized tray near the main door or entrance. Not only does it look beautiful, it also serves to hold things like keys, ID cards, milk tokens, lip balm, notepad and pen. Now I don’t have to search for the keys all over the house, just when I am in a hurry to get somewhere. Elan has some lovely bright storage trays and buckets in coloured metal which are very easy to maintain. 

LOD cloth basketsFor baskets in fabric, check out these fun storage baskets from Little One’s Doodles.

Have a notepad on the fridge or wall, to note down what you are running out of in the kitchen. This has saved me a lot of hassle. I have a magnetic notepad on my fridge where I jot down cooking ingredients that need to be bought. At the end of the day or week I pick up whatever is on the list.  It is a simple way to keep track of things to shop for. The point is to write it down before you forget.

You can get some nice magnetic notepads on Amazon.monthly calendar

Have a visual calendar or writing board in a family space or kitchen to keep track of all those important events, school tasks and birthdays. I have this whiteboard with hooks to hang on the wall which can be customised with dates for every month. So I put down every month’s calendar on it and mark birthdays, school events, reminders, the house help’s day offs, my schedule and everything else! Visual notes keep my head clear since I don’t have to remember everything!

THLchalkboardChalkboards are quirky and perfect for using as a calendar or to write to-do lists. The Home Label has this chalk board with a wooden frame. Great for reminders/notes and a lovely décor item too.

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Have a weekly/monthly cleaning calendar for all areas of the house. It requires one-time planning, but saves time and effort on an ongoing basis. I used Google’s help and found a blank printable cleaning plan online. I came up with a plan of what needs to be done each day of the week. Now the house-help and I have a clear understanding of what needs to be done; I don’t have to tell her every day. This also ensures that each room/area gets its share of cleaning regularly.

E;lan metal foldersHave a space to mark and segregate all incoming paperwork as “Pending”, “Trash”, “Store”. So when a bill or letter comes in you can immediately categorise it as any of these 3. The “Trash” gets out of your way immediately without being an unnecessary task for later. Bank statements or bills that have been paid can be kept in the “Store” section. Bills to be paid or correspondence to be replied to can go under the “Pending” section and you can deal with it when you have time.

Here are some lovely metal folders with name tag holders.

LOD yellow pouchAnother messy area is the kids’ room. With so many toys and craft supplies it is hard to keep the room clean and organised. For toys, you can use clear storage baskets. Howard’s Storage World has some great options. I picked some see-through boxes with lids and wheels so toys can be put away quickly after playtime.

For art and craft supplies, these pouches from Little One’s Doodles are handy.

These home décor ideas made life easier for me. I hope they help you too!

*Photo credits: (Used under the Creative Commons Attribution License.) 

Pink bucket: Elan 

Cloth basket: Little One’s Doodles  

Monthly calendar: Simran Dhaliwal

Chalk board: The Home Label  

Metal folders: Elan

Yellow pouch: Little One’s Doodles  


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