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Fatherhood Unplugged: With Mukund Mohan

Posted: June 20, 2012

In honour of Father’s Day: Mukund Mohan a technology entrepreneur, talks about parenting and what fatherhood means to him.

Mukund Mohan’s education is in Computer Science and he is a technology entrepreneur; most recently he sold BuzzGain to Meltwater. He lives with his wife and 4 kids – 3 girls (twin girls are the youngest) and a boy in Bangalore after spending 15+ years in Silicon Valley. 

Give us a single word/line that encapsulates what fatherhood means to you.   

Fatherhood = learning things you should have learned when you were little.

Are you a different father today than what your father was? How? In what ways are you similar?

I am similar in most ways than different. I try to be available as much as possible, and play and hang out when them as opposed to actively teach them something. In terms of being different, I am a lot stricter than my dad was (in terms of bed time, dislike for anything wasted, etc).

How would you describe your fathering style?

I don’t know which styles are there, but I tend to leave them alone for the most part and let them decide what they wish to do and how. I tend to focus more on making sure the lens they view the world is through a set of values which I have learned are important regardless of what they do.

Has fatherhood been as you expected it to be? If no, what was the biggest difference between your expectations and reality?

I did not have any expectations actually. I still don’t. I tend to be more of a here and now person, so I tend not to think too far ahead.

What is the most important lesson that fatherhood has taught you?

I have learned to be a lot more patient than I ever was and I’m still learning.  

*Photo credit: Mukund Mohan.

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