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The Dream Asian Destination Blogger Contest

Posted: November 16, 2013

The AirAsia Dream Destination Contest is about you and your travel pick – Bangkok or Kuala Lumpur – which one is it going to be?

This is a blog contest which is going to appeal to all of you readers who travel – whether that means globe-trotting, discovering your city – or – even being an armchair traveller!

So all you travellers of any stripe out there, get writing quickly for this one, because not only are there solid prizes to be won, in addition, there are early bird prizes for the first 20 valid entries that come in before the midnight of 18th November 2013 (Monday!)

This contest, from AirAsia and Ripple Links, is all about the Dream Asian Destination.


AirAsia has great fares for travelers visiting Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok! Both are Dream Destinations with sumptuous and delectable food, gorgeous temples, unbelievable shopping, relaxing spas and much much more!

What you need to do NOW, is write a post about: Which of these two destinations would you prefer and why? What sights and sounds would you love to visit at either destination?


The contest results have been announced! Go over to find out if you are one of the lucky winners 🙂

How to participate?

1. Write a post on the theme. Pick either Bangkok or Kuala Lumpur, and talk about which one you’d love to visit/why and what you’d like to do once you’re there!

2. Your post must include the line ‘World’s Best Online Travel Fair’ with a link to http://bit.ly/AirAsiaTravelFair

3. Submit your post here.

p.s. Do leave your post link here in the comments section at Women’s Web, so that we’ll double check that your entry is included for prizes judging!

The deadline!

This contest runs for a pretty short time, so do make sure you get your entry in early. The contest is open now and will run until 24th November only.

A detailed overview of rules for entry to the contest are up here, do review before posting.

Show me the prizes!

1st prize: A Nikon D3100 SLR

2nd prize: A Nokia Lumia 720


6 gift vouchers worth Rs.5000 each and

For the first 20 early birds, if your entry is up and valid by midnight 18th November, you’ll get a gift voucher worth Rs.1000.

We’re looking forward to a bunch of Women’s Web readers winning these prizes, so get started now!

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  1. Why can’t I submit my post? Its telling “ERROR 403 – FORBIDDEN” team please help!!!

  2. Hi dear.
    I want to know that, I have not visited the places yet, but I want to go there and I have read about the places minutely. So, may I join the contest?
    My another question is that, may I use photos from Internet?

    Please reply soon, so I can join here. Have a good day.

    Thanking you.
    Koyeli S. Chakraborty

    • Dear Koyeli, doesn’t matter if you haven’t visited, it’s your dream destination! Write on which one you’d like to go to, that’s it 🙂

      Pics at your discretion.

  3. I submitted in the contest page 🙂

  4. Thanks all, and good luck to you – Sri, Suchi and Nandini 🙂

  5. Please confirm whether my entry has been submitted as I am not able to seeit in “click to read all entries”

    • Rama, we’ll check and let you know. However, do add the link to the required page in your post for the phrase World’s Best Online Travel Fair – that seems to be missing.

  6. My entry

    But this blog entry is not shown on that site. Kindly let me know how to proceed

  7. Hello Team Women’s Web, firstly thanks to your awesome website. I am in love with this site as being a women, I come to read what other women have to share. Awesome, keep up the good work.

    Secondly, thanks to showcase this contest. I literally enjoyed my dream destination. Here is my entry:


    Could you please confirm if my entry is visible to the team? Thanks a lot.


    • My entry is yet not visible on “View All Entries” Page. Could you please confirm @ the earliest? Please note that the entry has been submitted before midnight November 18th.

  8. Ladies, not to worry. All entries will go up soon in the order they were submitted in – the team is just validating entries since quite a few have come in at the same time.

  9. Though I gave my entry on 16th Nov my entry is not shown in the entries received,Please check and inform me.The 17th dated entries are even published here.

    • Hi Rama, in that case, it is possible that your entry does not meet some of the contest guidelines. The brand team will get in touch with you to clarify on why.

  10. Hi admins, I posted my entry yesterday at 8 pm. It is still not showing up in the ‘Read all entries’ on Ripple Links website. Would you mind looking into it, please?

  11. Hi Womens Web,
    My entry to the contest : http://www.pondicherrywiki.com/2013/11/knock-knock-on-bangkok-door.html
    Hope you will like it 🙂

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  13. Hi Admins ,
    I’ve submitted my entry on November 23rd @ 4.20 AM but still it is not visible in the ‘Read All’ line up..please look into the matter..thanks in advance ..:-)

  14. My entry 🙂
    Kualalumpur the Irresistible Dream Destination ‪#‎Malaysia‬ ‪#‎AirAsia‬ http://shrimalimegha246.blogspot.in/2013/11/kuala-lumpur-irresistible-dream.html

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  16. What a fabulous contest! Here’s my entry for the same: Glimmering Moments in Kuala Lumpur .

  17. Here is my entry to this contest please confirm receipt of same – http://rathinas.blogspot.in/2013/11/the-city-of-angels.html

  18. Hi dear,
    Here is my entry for this contest; I have posted my entry in the given link before the deadline. Hope you like it.
    Have a good night.
    Koyeli S. Chakraborty

    My entry: http://koyelischakraborty.blogspot.in/2013/11/my-dream-asian-destination-kuala-lampur.html

  19. Any updates on the results? 🙂

  20. Results are out! 😀

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