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Posted: September 22, 2013

As the youngest CEO in the Tata group, Avani Davda is the woman behind one of the most talked about brands in recent times – Tata Starbucks.

An MBA graduate, Avani Davda began her career more than a decade ago with the Tatas. A readiness to learn and a willingness to work hard, aided her growth as she gradually gained exposure and experience in India’s retail industry. Last year, when Starbucks officially entered the Indian market, in partnership with Tata, Avani Davda was named as the CEO of the Indian arm of the company.

As Starbucks slowly expands its presence in India, maintaining the standards of the international brand, staying one step ahead of the competition and tapping the Indian consumer market are just a few of the challenges that are in store for Avani Davda in the next few years. However, Avani Davda is unfazed. She is confident of steering the Tata Starbucks brand to success.

Why we find her inspiring:

– For becoming the CEO of a globally renowned brand at the young age of 33.

– For juggling the demanding duties of a high profile job with the responsibilities of motherhood as a mom to a toddler.

– For daring to break the glass ceiling and for being a role model to other young and ambitious Indian women.

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