1. What parents do have an ever-lasting impressions on a child. He may either have the same traits or exactly opposite ones.
  2. To take care of the undisciplined behavior of son, it’s fine to send him to some other country (USA).
  3. Women have no “say” – be it (Vijay) Ranvir’s mom, his sister or his wife. His mother couldn’t stand up for him and ask her husband to give time to the kid, his sister was made to follow her husband blindly and it was much later that his wife developed the courage to speak something.
  4. It’s fine never to say a woman that the guy loves him and then ruin things after her marriage is fixed.
  5. It’s alright for the man to stay with a woman and have sex to solve the dilemma of his family struggles without informing his wife, but the man can’t tolerate if any other man comes near her.
  6. It’s the wife’s sole responsibility to understand what her man loves to eat and be available all the time to serve him when he’s around.
  7. To show that the villain is bad, there have to be many women in his life and he’s supposed to have sex the way he wants with them.


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