The Reading in Silence

Someday when you feel lonely or may be you have nothing else to do.

Come, sit on chair beside a window or in the balcony with a cup of Tea or Coffee.

I will also accompany you. Try and read me as you would read through a Book.

Read all the titles, get the curiosity to dig into the chapters.

You may find some interesting stories that may relate to your memories.

You may also find some intimidating instances. Some fair and some unfair chances.

Get surprised, get shocked, sometimes get little worried.

Finish reading me in a day, or just read one chapter at a time.

Never miss real stories from India's women.

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Read Me every day, good days, bad days and odd days.

Underline and highlight your best lines. Re-live your best memories.

While doing so, you may laugh, you may get scared, you may even cry, but don’t stop reading.

Don’t look at the number of pages, or the style of writing, the stories are important without any judgements.

I will always be there around you like books in your bookshelf, just take out sometime, sit with me and Read Me!!

I wish to become your favourite Book that you pick everytime and read several times.


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V Rashmi Rao

V Rashmi Rao is a Creative Content Writer and Digital Marketing expert who excels at creating exceptional content across various platforms both Print and Digital. 12+ years in the industry, she has gained immense knowledge read more...

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