After a long time, I decided to watch a movie, which happened to be “Rocky Aur Rani Kii Prem Kahaani”. I hadn’t expected the movie to so badly directed, and beyond an hour, I couldn’t watch it.

But anyway, the topic of interest was the story of Jamini and Kanwal, who had a brief extra-marital affair. The reaction of Kanwal seeing Jamini seemed unrealistic, but the question that was gnawing my mind was, “Why are marriages in India so incompatible? Why did Kanwal find solace in Jamini?” While his wife had no interest in poetry, he shared his hobby with Jamini which brought them together.

Almost in the same manner, Kanwal didn’t share the passion of business with his wife. Both were lost in the turbulent sea of marriage, but one found solace in pursuing her passion and her children (whom she didn’t let come close to her husband), the other had no outlet. Maybe, both of them were good individuals who were incompatible.

While the youth today are deciding to try a bit longer to be sure if their marriage can ride over the tides of rough weather, they are often ridiculed by saying, “In our times….”, but the question that arises is whether the weddings that take place by just seeing the girl or talking for an hour or so are really worth it? Whether staying together just for society is really worth it? Whether one should marry for love or for society?

Of course, marriages after seeing each other for long also fail, but then, it being their decision, the couple is in a state to walk out; whereas, when you marry for society, you continue to live together for society; despite not wishing to.

The sufferers in any broken marriage are the children – whether the parents decide to stay together or vice-versa, and a decision to have children should at least be delayed till the couple is sure that they can live together for the rest of their lives. At least, children should not be given birth to for the sake of society, but because of love.

It’s high time that we stop doing things in life for the sake of society and be sure about what we wish for! Full-stop.


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