“Please, please save me from the clutches of the demons…” she implored. But, no one paid any heed to her appeal. No one seemed to have even heard her.

Saina was in a market with people swarming all around her. How come no one is able to listen to her, she wondered. She again shrieked, “The demons, they are after my blood. They will catch me. Can you please save me?”

There was no response again. The people carried on their activities as if nothing had happened. But she knew the demons. The tiny red one with large yellow eyes was the scariest. He was a real scoundrel. He had just seen her and came running after her. He grabbed her by her neck. People watched her being seized. Her husband, her mother, her father, her children, her friends; everyone passed by without coming to her aid. She shouted in full pitch, “Help me, help me!”

 She heard someone stating, “What happened Saina? Why don’t you sleep peacefully? I have a meeting to attend tomorrow. Your dreams have become a nightmare for me.”

It was her husband Mayank. Saying so, he went and slept off in the guest room. She was left sweating profusely with her odd dreams as her companion. Why did she get those dreams at all? The dreams always made her feel lonesome and desolate.

The dreams remained a part and parcel of her life. Someone or the other was always after her. While she kept fighting with those wicked forces all alone, no one seemed to help her.

She tried her best to sleep after that, but sleep kept eluding her. Disgusted, she went and sat in the garden. It was early dawn. The birds were chirping merrily. Her glance suddenly fell on the little one of a sparrow. She had been watching it since its birth. Till a day before, its mother had been getting grains to feed it. But that day was different. The little one had strong and sturdy wings and the mother was teaching it to fly and get its own food. After some time, it came and took away a peanut which was lying below her chair. It ate the peanut merrily, happy at its conquest.

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Saina sat down and began thinking and prodding as she watched the little one. The baby had parents. But they had left it to face the world. It would struggle, it would falter; but it would survive. Then, why was she always looking for support from someone?

That night, as she slept, the tiny red demon with large yellow eyes came once again to catch her. But, she was no longer afraid of him. She caught him and fought with him, till he was half dead.

From the next day, no one chased her in her dreams.




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