Trisha had just been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She should have been traumatised. She wanted a shoulder to cry upon. But there was none. Caught in a wrong marriage, which she hadn’t realised, she had severed ties with all her relatives and friends, because that was what Parag and his extended family demanded.

She realised that she was just near Marine Drive. She had loved watching the waves reach the shore, being broken by the sides, changing directions and again moving with full vigor. While she was sitting there, she saw an artist making portrait of a young boy. She head him tell a coconut vendor, “After Corona period, today is my first earning!” She could see a note of Rs 500/- shining in his hands.

She had enough money by now and she didn’t wish it to go to any of her relatives, least of all her husband. She told the artist to make her portrait. When she gave a thousand Rupees note to the artist, his eyes shimmered. She smiled.

When she reached home, she opened the portrait. Gloomy, disoriented and puffy-cheeked – these were the three words in which she could describe herself. Did she really want to die like that?

Doctor had told her that she had a minimum of one more year to live. Yeah, she was a wave whose flow had been broken, but couldn’t she swim in some other direction? Love was what she had craved, but wasn’t there a life beyond that?

She packed her luggage and moved out of the house by the time Parag returned. Till now, she was lonely amidst a horde of people. However, she was fine to be alone with happiness around.

By evening, her agent had shown her an apartment that she liked. It was a furnished rented house with a studio. She opened her small briefcase with her colors and palette. Yeah, she was going to paint and paint. She would no longer be restricted by what her extended family wanted.

She was as happy as the waves on the shore that return with full vigor. She began by painting those waves and their calmness.

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