While we hear about so much of hue and cry about live-in relationships in our country, while traveling, I came across an article wherein Twinkle Khanna mentioned that her mother advised her to live-in at least for 2 years before marrying Akshay Kumar! I felt like saying “Same-pinch” to her, though of course, I can’t do that.

With the stories of broken marriages and the couple having to adjust just because they have married or have children, isn’t the concept better? Marriage is a legal document having a lot of social bondages and other strings attached, and isn’t it really better to see if the couple can really stay together? After all, knowing a person is a different thing than possibly staying together and sharing everything, including the bed!

Surprisingly, I too had similar views as Dimple Kapadia, and had advised my daughter the same. The views were echoed by my husband. Many of my relatives and friends would be flabbergasted to know that these were my views, and hence I rarely shared the thoughts with them, except for a few. The society that I live in is not that of “Bollywood” kinds and my views might be thought as being extremely disgusting. But that’s what I am, and conveyed them cleverly to the concerned person, i.e. my daughter.

Though the society I stay in is conservative about these issues, I wonder what makes them accept the fact that their son or daughter is not getting along with their spouse and their grand-children suffering? How can a child be happy in an environment of continuous dislike? Why, I have been seen certain husbands beating their wives for something they didn’t like. What lessons do they impart to their children?

I am sure that rather than a teary-eyed mother or a coming-home-for-negligible-time father, a marriage would be better when both the partners get along!

Of course, I am aware of the difficulties that one endures when one of the partners in a live-in relationships gets acutely emotionally attached, while the other doesn’t, but yet I maintain that a break-up before marriage certainly causes less hurt than one later.


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