Fond Of Blonde Hair? Here’s The Proper Guide To Care!

There are so many reasons people have for their obsession with blonde hair. Though the reasons are pretty enigmatic, honestly speaking, blonde hair is like a rare gem in the world of hair colours. It gives the power to turn heads and capture the attention of people effortlessly.

What if you have strands of golden liquid glittering under the sun, falling from your head?

Doesn’t it sound enchanting?

Will anyone ignore it, or will they simply be agog and agape? It is just blissful and fun.

But there remains an overlooked side being curtained. Despite its super fun, it is pretty hard to maintain them. No matter what your shade is – platinum, honey, silver, sandy, or other – it is quite a hassle to maintain the perfect care. It needs a lot of effort, as the blondes are more susceptible to hair issues.

But fear not! Here are some easy-breezy tips to give your blonde locks a pro care.

Keep the lock hydrated:

No need to pen down the importance of hydration for healthy hair. However, when it comes to blonde hair, it is of utmost importance. Because the process of achieving blonde hair really makes your hair undergo some tough times. No matter what products you are using or how experienced your stylist is, the chemicals involved in the process are quite harsh. These chemicals will make your hair lose natural moisture, become dry, and prone to breakage, split ends, and brittle. So invest in good moisture and deep conditioning masks to maintain the much-needed hydration in your hair.

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Keep Your Hair Protected From Heat:

As a part of styling, heating tools like straighteners and curlers are widely used. Excessive use of heating tools strips off the natural oils from the hair. Also, heat opens up the cuticle, a protective layer that locks up moisture and nutrients in your hair. This makes your hair look dull and lusterless. Opened cuticles are the primary cause of frizzy hair, breakage, and split ends. Hence the application of heat will make your hair dull and fade the colour as well.

Toner Is Your Best Friend: 

Toner is an essential product for blondes. Even after dyeing, your hair may still have some brassy undertones. Toner helps neutralise the hair’s tone, adjusting the orangey pigments and giving your blonde a more natural look. It also has many things to do with restoring and maintaining the colour you left the salon with.

For choosing the best toner, you can refer to the colour wheel or consult with your stylists. However, purple shampoo is a classic toner for the blonde, – will do wonders for you.

Trim The Hair Regularly:

Now this is where many people get confused between timing and cutting. Cutting is done if you wish to change to have a new hairstyle, shape, or look. Trimming, on the other hand, is cutting just one or two inches above the end while maintaining the shape and style you already have. Trimming will remove the split ends and frizziness from the hair. It also helps with encouraging hair growth, by removing the unhealthy ends. So even if you are trying to grow your hair, go ahead with trimming guilt-free.

Use Sunscreen: 

Sunscreen is not only good for your skin but also for your hair. Just like the heating process, sun rays can have a similar effect on your hair. It will fade your hair colour. Sunscreen protects your hair from harmful UV rays and retains the colour for a longer time. Consider investing in good sunscreen according to your hair type, and hair colour. Your stylists will recommend a suitable one for you.

Remember! Blondes need your commitment. So follow the aftercare that your stylists suggest to care for the lock and to have super fun.


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