How Tattoos Empower Women With Confidence According To Science? Let’s Unleash!

An easy job is to judge a woman for her tattoos. It is quite common in India too!

Of course, the past few years have been witnessing a wide surge in acceptance and popularity for the tattoo. But still, something is there that often tries to make awkward criticism of women for wearing tattoos.

Contrary to what is commonly believed, science has proved that tattoos help women in boosting their confidence level and establish a greater sense of self-love.

You might have noticed that women with tattoos often exude a sense of pride and a heightened level of self-esteem than any other else. It is because of the hidden impacts that it has on their self-image.

For better understanding, Let’s dig a little bit deeper!

The First Could Be That It Changes Our Look!

What if we get a new haircut or nail art or wear new accessories? Don’t we feel confident about our new look?

The same happens with inking. Just like styling your hair, accessorising with new jewels, tattoos embellish your body and give you the power to change your appearance as you want to be.

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Acting as an elegant feature, it makes you look attractive and feel good about yourself. Feeling good about yourself induces dopamine and serotonin production that are known to boost positive self-image and sureness.

And, what’s more, do you need to cultivate confidence?

A Way To Embrace Insecurities:

“Women, in general, grapple with various insecurities like stretch marks, surgical scars, moles, pigmentation, and so on that can challenge their self-esteem and trigger self-consciousness. Tattoos give them a way out!”, say ThreeBestRated® Tattoo artists.

Letting the wearer have something beautiful on what they considered imperfections and hated themselves for all these years, tattoos instil a greater sense of self-acceptance in them.

Moreover, as a form of self-expression, it gives them the dare to express themselves, no matter who they are, or what their past is….

That’s why women choose to go under the needles just to hide and embrace insecurities.

Attention driver:

Another pre-dominant reason is that tattoos drive more attention which often affects the wearer’s self-esteem. No one wants to be dull and ordinary, right? All we want is to be the center of attention wherever we go.

The aesthetic and captivating visuals of flowers, animals, or designs turn heads and probably puts the wearer on everyone’s lips. It makes the wearer stand out in the crowd which drastically fuels their self-esteem.

A significant population of tattooed women says that their tattoos attract attention, intrigue others and inspire. They believe that tattoos imbue them with a sense of significance and individuality.

Final Thoughts:

For those who still try to bury the women with tattoos with layers of stigma, let me just clarify, It is not a practice of the modern age, but of ancient times that has its root deep inside and continues to hold its significance.

In those days, tattoos were the indicators of the group one belonged to, name or pics of god, etc… Tattoos had never been seen as a sin or cultural disorder.

Then, how can it be seen as destructive to cultural heritage if a woman wears tattoos on her body? How can you label a woman savage for inking herself?

It’s savage!



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