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To Be Human And Follow Humanity

We humans are all same, not everyone is a Sadhu or Saint.

Even the ones who claim to be so have faced situations that were insane.

Walking towards the path of sanity, they have left behind the society, but are still part of the humanity.

To achieve so, they are away from the cat and dog chase, not a part of the rat race.

A Saint is defined to be a holy person, a religious one, a kind human.

People believe in what he/she says, and that’s a matter of concern.

Without any clarity and minimum morality people are discussing Sanity and Insanity.

Who is sane, who is insane, what is normal and what is abnormal, some situations aren’t in our control.

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Can anyone justify how pure a soul is? It takes a lifetime to understand what your role is!

To be kind, to be helpful, to love and care for someone, are something that needs to be taught.

Not every battle is to be faught!

Belief, Trust in humans have lost its importance, heart break, revenge, hatred have taken its place.

What we have forgot, we all are same – Human – Homo Sapiens

We need to remember to treat everyone as Same.

We need to remember – Being compassionate is equally important.

We need to remember – Treating human as a human with utmost love, care and passion is important.

We need to remember – Being human to a human is important.

We need to remember – Humanity is important.


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