She Would Not Give Up Her Pride.

She Would Not Give Up Her Pride

She was created by,

The tributaries of her uncensored plans,

The rhododendrons of her full-fledged dreams,
The balance sheet of her infamous quests,
The ebbing echoes of her muffled screams.
For long, her true being meandered through the crossroads of scrutiny,
As she metamorphosed as a living- breathing female from her male form,
Through her sheer act of mutiny.
To them she became mad as a hatter,
When as a nonconformist to gender bias,
She championed the cause of transwomen,
Amidst the cacophonies of their admonishing noise.
She had ruffled a few feathers,
Through her unconventional thoughts and ideas.
Nevertheless, she pursued her ‘heretical’ train of thoughts,
To discover a place for her tribe, which would be free of bias.
She was a natural in embracing that untrodden path,
Hereby synthesizing meaningful wholes,
Through amalgamating diversified parts.
As she stood apart as a ray of hope,
Dared to be different amongst the herd mentality millions,
Surely she would not give up her pride,
For it was her pride that she took in her unique identity,
That transpired through her commendable actions.
(24 lines)


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Indrani Chowdhury

Indrani Chowdhury is an award winning modern Indian author whose works have been published in various national and international anthologies, magazines, and journals. Her own book 'Raining Drops of Rainbow Verses' got published by Notionpress read more...

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