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The Swinging Dreams Of A Young Girl

It was as if the wind, beseeched the two girls to remain lost in their own world, and weave their dreams while swinging in the bucolic lull.

Post girlhood, as she stood in the threshold of viridescent youth,
With dreams, real, unreal but with a heart of gold,
The vivacious wind began confiding with her swinging heart,
Enlightening her about the upcoming bitter-sweet journey in which she was about to embark.

She blushed, wondering when unbeknownst of her,
Her girlhood swing had metamorphosed into an embellished palanquin.
And with her throbbing heart, throbbed back and forth,
Engineered by the conspiring wind.

As she sat in her swing, she remained lost in her musings oblivious of everything.
The wind teased her by brushing her brown cheeks,
Which gave her the feeling to be kissed by a prince,
As she remained immersed in the sweet murmurings of her dreams.

The little girl stood in the swing,
To have a feel to be riding on a carousel,
Of a seemingly everlasting carnival.

The wind became that one horned unicorn,
Which took her to faraway lands,
Where she had a chance to participate in the so-called ‘unwomanly’ adventures,
Along with the regular jovial song and dance.

She paddled the swing fast to rode high with excitement,
To be a part of all this fun and merriment.

It was as if the wind,
Beseeched the two girls to remain lost in their own world,
And weave their dreams while swinging in the bucolic lull.

(24 lines)

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Author’s Note: This poem is one of the top five winning ekphrastic poems of Poattic-17 hosted by ArtoonsInn Poetry Parlour.

Image source: Painting by: Rahul Mhetre.

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Indrani Chowdhury is an award winning modern Indian author whose works have been published in various national and international anthologies, magazines, and journals. Her own book 'Raining Drops of Rainbow Verses' got published by Notionpress read more...

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