A Cry for Safety: The Plight of Women in our Country

In our country, girls and women are strong,

But they face danger and fear all day long.

Walking on the streets or taking a bus,

They have to be careful of us.

The world outside is not always kind,

And many have evil intentions in mind.

Girls and women deserve to feel safe,

Without fear of harm or disgrace.

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We must stand together and fight,

The safety of women is a basic right.

We must educate and raise awareness,

And create a society that’s free of unfairness.

Let’s teach our boys to respect and care,

And our girls to be brave and aware.

Let’s speak up and take action,

And create a world of love and compassion.

For every girl and woman deserves to be,

Free to live, love, and just be happy.

Let’s work together, hand in hand,

To create a safer and more equal land.


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