The Story of Love

Love makes your heart explode,loss makes your heart break into a million pieces.

Who is to be blamed? You or I

With all the best advice in mind, I took a lot of time to unwind.

Who is to be asked? You or I

Love happens daily, anywhere and everywhere. It can happen with a special someone or anyone, because, there isn’t a perfect human.

Who is to be judged? You or I

Jumping into the deep sea of love, with loads of ups and down, you reach a beautiful shore, an unknown island. Life is not all a bed of roses and a flowery garland.

Who is to be questioned? You or I

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Love isn’t same for everyone, it has different definitions and meanings, if you succeed, consider it to be your best innings and if you fail, remember there is always a new beginning.

Who is to be applauded? You or I

Often Love is expressed through materialistic things, but you don’t need to express it, It’s a matter of pure feelings. The only route to soulful healings.

Who is to be understood? You or I

Love involves complete acceptance without any judgements.You ought to have patience and perseverance with timely engagements.

Who is to be accepted? You or I

Attachments or Detachments, Coupled or De-Coupled, Married or Divorced, near or long-distance, related or not- related, friends or strangers, love can bring them altogether.

Who is to lead? You or I



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