5 Sustainability Business In India Run By Women!

Are you an environmentalist looking for women-owned sustainable products to support? Here are 5 sustainability business led by Indian women!

5 Sustainability Business In India Run By Women!

Are you an environmentalist looking for women-owned sustainable products to support?

Do you wish to show your support for the women killing it in the world of business, but also don’t want to shop for non-sustainable products? We have the solution for you- women-owned sustainable businesses.

Now you can shop to your heart’s content, knowing you are supporting both women and the planet.

What is a sustainability business?

A sustainable business is one which is ethical and has fair labour practises, it promotes diversity and inclusivity, is eco-friendly at every end, and is financially viable for consumers, even if it is on the pricier end.

Most sustainable products often are.

What does it mean when women lead sustainability business?

A woman-owned business is a business that is either owned fully by a woman or one of the founding members is a woman. Indian women are truly killing it in the start-up field, with many women-owned businesses like MamaEarth becoming unicorns.

Thus, it is no wonder that Indian women are also making their mark on the sustainability field. Here are a few women-owned sustainable businesses that you can support today.

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Brown Living India

BLI is India’s first and only plastic-free marketplace. As of July 2022, they prevented the release of 2, 03,602 kilograms of plastic into landfills, making a real mark against plastic pollution. Chaitisi Ahuja is the CEO of Brown Living India.

Saahas Zero Waste

This start-up provides waste management services such as the collection, segregation, and recycling of waste for various industries. In 2021-22, they received aggregated and managed 32,222 MT of wet, dry, and e-waste, 98% of which was tracked and reached an authorized end destination that was not a landfill. Wilma Rodrigus is the CEO of Saahas Zero Waste.

BlueCat Paper

From eco-friendly paper to notebooks made from agricultural waste, BlueCat Paper is making a real mark against the waste problem. To make it even better, the organization runs on renewable energy and uses water conversion practices.

It was found in April 2022 that since its inception in 2019, BlueCat Paper has saved over 70000 trees from being cut for paper. Mrs Kavya Madappa is the CEO of BlueCat Paper.

GiftGreen India

GiftGreen is a sustainability startup that sells sustainable products ranging from gifts that grow into plants to upcycled clothing and sustainable skincare. They also have products for sustainable menstruation.

Their motto, with their first product-seed flags for Independence Day – was “Don’t throw me, Grow me.” Mansi Shah is the CEO of Gift Green India.


Muses_Saga is a sustainable publishing house that provides zero-cost publishing. They also offer the option of free online reading. Their website is hosted on a sustainable server and their books are made onof recycled paper.

In 2022, they published 12 books, which sold over 100 copies. By procuring around 1800 parent sheets of sustainable paper, they were able to save 112 trees while providing quality reading material to the people. Anjali Roongta is the founder of Muses_Saga

A parting note

Living a sustainable life is not possible for everyone. From access issues to cultural conflicts, healthy sustainability is often imperfect sustainability. Organizations like this are important because they make sustainability accessible through the means of options.

Whether it be Muses_Saga helping make the publishing industry green or GiftGreen India proving a sustainable option for those who can’t thrift, sustainable organizations run by Indian women are showing that in India, organizations care about the planet.

Image source: Ivan Bajic, and SnowWhite Images, via Getty Images, free and edited on CanvaPro

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