What Is FGM: Female Genital Mutilation?

What is FGM? Have you ever wondered how widespread is the evil practice of Female Genital Mutilation, especially in India?

What is FGM? Have you ever wondered how widespread is the evil practice of Female Genital Mutilation, especially in India?

Society has been setting standards for women since long ago. But these standards are not necessities until we submit to them. Acceptance by family and friends majorly influences our lives. But these people sometimes tend to wear a mask to cover their ulterior motives.

Being pushed by our loved ones in a direction which can cause damage, physically or mentally, maybe the rising red flags. Yet, some have to give in as there are no government agencies supporting their safety.

FGM is one such vandalism which rips the females of their choice to their own bodies at a very tender age in many communities.

What is FGM: Female Genital Mutilation?

What is FGM or female genital mutilation? It is a practice in which a part or whole of the female genitalia (clitoral hood) is removed. It is basically the same as circumcision. Furthermore, it is an operation which has no medical benefit while being performed on young females.

Not only that, but it may sound like a foreign term; however, India has had multiple numbers of girls who had to undergo this horrific procedure.

Many countries still exercise this cruelty, where girls in their early stages are victimized in the name of custom by their own family members. The wounds have a great impact on them for life.

The community contributes to this evil practice

Kins play a big part in this operation wherein the mother, grandmother and other close female relatives of the girl hold her down on a table to be cut by the inexperienced midwife. Many times, an elderly untrained lady who has been doing this crime in secret is given the responsibility to do the job.

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The tribes who support and undertake this procedure have been questioned by the authorities time and again. In spite of the facts and figures, there is no existing law which protects the female population from this horrendous agony.

Women who have suffered due to this evil have testified and brought their plight to light in nations across the world, including India.

Some suffer trauma talking about the violation to date. We as women need to stand up for our right to survival and protection.

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