Sorry SRK… I Love You, But I Am Not Watching Pathaan!

Pathaan touted as SRK’s comeback has been in the news for mixed reasons. Despite the hype around comeback and special mention to his body contours; I can't watch it!

The movie touted as SRK’s comeback has been in the news for mixed reasons. Right from the beginning the hype around the movie has been his comeback with special mentions of his body contours and even more than the female lead!

For me, it’s not about Deepika’s bikini colour or was-it-needed skin show. It’s about meaningful content that I find is missing big time. Not just this movie, but a spate of cringe-worthy narratives passed off as ‘movies’ in the recent past. I feel insulted, and not because I am a devoutly religious person or a hardcore feminist, but because I feel the content insults my intelligence.

But before everything else, I am a 90s kid who in the case of movies (and maybe more) is stuck in time as it wrapped around me then and the gamut has too hard an exterior for me to crack it open!

There is a limit to how much my brain can process

Despite lacking actual logic, I loved Raj in DDLJ purely because I was an adolescent with stars in my eyes, newly out of the protective overbearing parental umbrella, all set to explore the world outside school. The emotions got the better of everything coherent.

I cringed when I saw SRK in KKHH or a spate of crap that followed. I wouldn’t say I liked other movies too for the content, but SRK holds a special place in my heart for those emotions in the 90s. Emotions, that helped me traverse anxiety neurosis, emotions that brought out the romantic in me who exists even today.

I don’t want to ruin my image of SRK

So, I am not watching Pathaan because I don’t want to ruin that image of SRK imprinted in my mind. As for everything else, there is too much of a debate that won’t end, and I don’t want to add my two cents to the proverbial sacrificial fire.

Sorry SRK… I loved you back then, and those memories are far too precious than proving a point today.

If I don’t like you on the wrong side of the 50s paired opposite a lead actress two decades younger, so be it. You don’t need to prove anything and that’s exactly what it looks like, with your PR working overtime.

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I can’t let that cookie crumble…

I am not apologetic about it.

Image source: Still from Tariler of Pathaan, and alexbueckert free and edited on CanvaPro

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