There Is Spirituality In Sex, But First We Need To Express Our Desires

Where do these desires arise from? The desire to get touched or feel someone's presence. Are they just in our mind, and why do you hide them?

Where do these desires arise from? The desire to get touched or feel someone’s presence. Are they just in our mind? Is it only about ‘being sexed’ into two-volume books on biological determinism, or is this feeling beyond the bodily experience?

If ever I try to think about sexuality as a performance, I find it one of the finest illusions that has been narrated so far! Do you know why? Because sexuality is not just about exploring bodies, but it is also about energy inclinations.

Let’s understand what it could mean to share energies when we are supposedly exploring our sexual desires!

Intimate exploration goes beyond body

The symbol of unity is the sign of sexuality. There is a bond that is based on integrated and well-channelized energies. Hormones might be responsible to a certain extent, but it is not just about them. The exploration goes beyond body. It traverses distances between two worlds that think differently.

How do these two worlds look like? They are one and are part of the same universal energy directed to meet as one attracts another. This is just a surficial truth. There is oneness in terms of outcome, pleasure or mating or whatever you would love to feel.

We fear disclosing our deepest passions

There is closeness but yet, there are ample of these desires that we hide within us. Yes! That’s absolutely true! We hide them because we fear them. Moreover, we don’t even know much about them. We fear the passion and intensity involved in conducting such an act.

To a certain extent, we are not free to choose this way of pleasure. Society is the one that dictates it. So, we think it’s just about bodies mating and meeting each other.

Sexuality has a spiritual layout

On the contrary, sexuality has its own spiritual layout which never gets discussed as we can’t talk about it freely. A certain kind of awareness drives us to bring out the best possible sexual personality of us.

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The inherent lust is not what constitutes the frame of tantric sex.

Meditative sex or the tantric sex is about exploring unity and sexuality together. It is about being conscious during the act and exploring every part of a partner’s body and get fully involved in the act.

The outcome is not just pleasure, but it’s peace and integration. The differential vibrations when intended to join the universe forms integration. That’s sexuality in its sublime state.

This is how I have understood desire so far. I hope you would like it!

Image source: Still from Mismatched on Netflix, edited on Canva Pro

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