Don’t Listen To Society, Your Marital Status Doesn’t Define Your Worth!

Indian society forces young women to prioritise marriage. But women can be proud of so many other things and not let marriage define them.

“What is her age? She still wants to wait?”

“You need to lose weight and look beautiful now, once you have a husband, you can relax then.”

“Do not wait for too long, all good boys will be married and you will have no one to choose from.”

“How can your younger sister get married before you? People will think there is a problem with you.”

“You cannot be alone for life, you need someone to spend your life with.”

Once women enter their late 20’s, above statements become a part of their daily routine. You will no more be a single woman but an unmarried one.

A century where we claim to be a generation high on adaptability, creativity, innovation, broad and open minds, we often fail to display these skills towards women.

Marriage is still the definite and ultimate goal for women

I can imagine the stress caused when all your achievements are sidelined, because you are still to score your winning goal, Marriage!

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But every time you feel any less, ask this to yourself, ladies!

Why give someone the authority to define my life?
Who allowed them to set timelines for me?

Look at the beautiful life you built for yourself. All the inequalities, struggles, and heartbreaks you had to go through to become the woman you are today.

Marriage surely is one of the important aspects of our lives. But why restrict its importance to a woman? Is a man ever told that it is too late for him to find a bride?

Don’t let your marital status define you!

It is normal to feel left out when you see your friends getting married or having babies. It is OK to feel scared of being alone for the rest of your life. After all we are humans. Emotions are the core of our existence.

But don’t let these temporary feelings define you. Every time you feel bad for yourself, remember:

That solo trip.

That promotion.

That interview you cleared.

Those skills you upgraded.

That mistake you accepted.

That moment when you helped another woman.

That party you arranged successfully.

That day when you made someone smile.

That day when you were the perfect daughter, sister, and friend.

That moment you survived when your best friends ghosted you.

That moment when you forgave someone who never apologised.

That day when you took the responsibility of your family.

And many such moments that actually define you.

Let me tell you, I am proud of you. No matter how unfair the world is to you, make sure you are kind and fair to yourself.

Image credit: mentatdgt on Pexels

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