Why Workplace Friendships Are Crucial To Help You Reach Your Full Potential

We have to go beyond only getting the job done. Workplace friendships help us connect with others in the same boat, and avoid burnout or breakdowns.

People always talk about office politics but I would like to talk about workplace friendships. It’s no crime to have a friend at the workplace, at least that’s what I have learned.

Back when I worked with an MNC, my workplace was so friendly that we felt it was some kind of a club that we were a part of. I’m still in touch with many of them and recall those days fondly. Of course, we did our work and it’s not as if we just went there to chat about movies and books. My point is that it made a lot of difference to me to have those workplace friendships.

After working in numerous workplaces, I later became very quiet and as a result haven’t made many lasting bonds.

I warn everyone against this because at the end of the day we are human beings, not machines or robots. We operate with our heart. Just as a plant needs watering to survive, human relationships, too, need to be nurtured, else things can get sour and people can get into a bad state of mind. It doesn’t happen only to one person. It happens to everyone at some point in their lives. If one is isolated and not in touch with anyone or only in touch with very few people, one feels cut off and weird. I speak from experience. It’s not a nice place to be at.

I recommend getting to know people and make friends at the workplace, but within boundaries.

You really shouldn’t get too personal at the workplace, and I totally do not recommend mixing business with pleasure. But I recommend being courteous and polite and bothering to know something about your colleagues. Like where they live, what their hobbies and interests are, etc. You will then know that you are not alone when things get challenging (and you can bet they will). One person can make all the difference to someone who feels isolated.

We are living in challenging times. We have to go beyond only getting the job done. We need to get it done in a humane way, to avoid burnout or breakdowns.

Image Credits: Christina | Unsplash 

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