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When My Controlling Boyfriend Told Me To Wear Loose Clothes & Not Wear Makeup

The girl in the mirror was someone else, who was completely the opposite of who I was. It was one of the most awful days of my life.

How does it feel to be a side character in your movie?

Doesn’t sound cool, right?

Then why do we let someone else decide what is favourable for us and what’s not?

Being a woman we are always taught that we should have some perimeters. I understand when our parents are concerned, but other than them I surmise there should be no one who grips the rope of our life.

There are a lot of triumphant women in our society who adhere to probably their partners or the people they love and admire. Sometimes maybe they advise us because they want us to be secure and prudent, however not every time they are supposed to be right!

You should always do whatever you feel is right.

I’ve been involved in a relationship where my partner was excessively dominant. He instructed me to wear loose clothes, not to apply lipsticks or eyeliners, it got even nastier when he told me that my feet look much better in sandals than in shoes.

I ultimately gave it thought that he adores me and won’t suggest anything which isn’t befitting for me. So one fine day, I went to college according to him; saw myself in the mirror all hair tied up, wearing loose clothes with sandals and with a bare face.

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It was one of the most awful days of my life. That girl whom I saw in the mirror was someone else who was completely the opposite of who I was.

Before him, I was confident, goofy, and most importantly independent. Then I realised, it was high time & I should stop listening to somebody who just arrived in my life and eventually that relationship came to an end.

After I broke up with him I was the happiest person ever.

The only reason why I shared a part of my life is that I realize many of us go through the same saga and to make not only women but each individual realise that you only live once and if in that existence you make someone else the boss of your life you’ll regret it later.

There is a phrase which goes something like, ‘You are born alone & you’ll die alone, so make sure you are happy with wherever you are and whatever you have because in the end it’s always gonna be You!’

Image credit: a still from the short film Unfollow, Madboys original, YouTube

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