To All Those Who Dread Vacations

Are you the kind of person who frets for a month or two, thinking of the fast approaching vacations? Fear not. You're not alone.

Are you the kind of person who frets for a month or two, thinking of the fast approaching vacations? Fear not. You’re not alone.

There are so many of us who dread vacations and wish they never arrive. If you fail to relate to the elaborate plans that your friends make to go on trips and family tours, that’s okay.

Why do people glorify vacations?

Vacations are often glorified as the perfect period to chill out, to go on long trips to distant lands,  to take the kids to amusement parks or beaches, to visit family members or to attend family gatherings – all these are often scheduled during the vacations.

For most of us, vacations have been the ideal time to visit relatives’ houses and go through the ritual of tea drinking, gossiping, gulping down loads of carbs with the sole purpose of pleasing the host and of late squeezing, our faces into selfie frames at odd angles.

Why do some of us dread vacations?

The few of us who dread vacations may not be great at socialising. Perhaps made to feel like freaks, with little make-up on, in large family gatherings. These few may have problems with going and living with in-laws, where they may not feel at home at all.

Living in other people’s houses and being constantly reminded that nothing there belongs to you, can wreak havoc on the mind. Or such people may have relationship issues with their siblings or parents. Who would want to go spend a week with an abusive parent? Nobody would liked to be constantly coerced by their parents into an unwilling marriage too.

Some people may not have anywhere to go to or anyone to go with during vacations. A large majority may not have the resources to go on long tours. The photos of their friends going on tours may simply make them miserable.

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What do you do if you are one of this lot?

Such people may have to figure out the purpose of vacations first. Vacations are periods of leisure that we are gifted with between work, in order to refresh our minds and revitalize our souls.

You could have a great vacation sitting all alone by yourself and playing with your pet/kids. If that is what you love to do. You could indulge in your favourite hobby. Something you wanted to do from a long time and could never do. You could also learn a new skill online. Vacations are great me times, if you can see it this way. To exercise, to meditate, to practice healthy eating and sleeping.

How to deal with people who take the trouble to chalk out a plan for your vacations

This is the most difficult part of vacation fear – when your spouse, a long time friend, a parent or a sibling chalks out a holiday plan for you, because they want you with them in their elaborate rituals of family visits or expensive tours.

You’ll have to put your foot down and refuse politely, stating your reasons. Otherwise you’ll be participating in your own ruin! So, rather than ruining your days, thinking of the holidays to come, plan for something that you really want. Hope it helps!

Image credits Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

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