Shefali In Yeh Rishta Is a Villain…Like Every Working Woman on Indian TV Serials!

How is Abhimanyu not over-ambitious but Shefali is, simply because she is prioritising her work?

How is Abhimanyu not over-ambitious but Shefali is, simply because she is prioritising her work?

The longest-running show on Indian television Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai had a major leap a few weeks ago, which introduced a new cast, new love triangles, and a new family, the Birla family.

Harshad Chopda, the new main lead is the central character of this family and almost everyone in his family is a renowned Doctor/Surgeon, except for his mother, Manjari, who is a housewife. I was glad that the show tries to focus on how Manjari is demeaned because she is “just” a housewife. Plus, they also show how Abhimanyu realises it and supports his mother fully.

The problematic characters, (despite the makers being aware of how the 21st-century works), are Abhimanyu’s cousin, Parth, and his wife, Shefali. Parth is a MBBS degree holder but doesn’t practice medicine because he had a passion for music and cleared MBBS just for the sake of his family’s name.

Shefali on the other hand is shown as an “overly-ambitious” journalist who doesn’t have time to contribute to their relationship. She is often shown as the villain of their relationship – Parth is gloomy all day long since Shefali isn’t around, and Shefali has to miss out on important family functions because of her chaotic work conditions.

Really, Parth? Get over it.

Recently, Parth and Shefali argued because she received a last-minute work call just before  Abhinanyu’s Tilak ceremony. The entire family was furious because “Kaisa lagega agar Devar ke Tilak me Bhabhi na ho toh?” (It looks bad if the bhabhi is not present at her brother-in-law’s tilak ceremony!)

On the other hand, Abhimanyu was the last one to arrive at his function because he had to perform surgeries back to back.

Why was Shefali shown as the villain of the hour? Abhimanyu was a hero because he saved lives, yes, but weren’t they both doing their respective work?

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How is Abhimanyu not over-ambitious but Shefali is because she is prioritising her work?

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