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Should Cosmetic Surgeries For Teenage Girls Be Illegal?

For instance, the same freckles which were considered “not-so-cool” and “geeky” a decade ago are now trending... so what is the reality?

Recently, I read an article about the marriageable age of males and females and since it was on an open forum, there were a lot of opinions flowing towards it.

Now, more than the article itself, I am usually eager to know what perspective do general public have on such social issues, and there it was- an unpopular, yet important, opinion that said- apart from setting age limits for drinking, driving, marriage(all of which had already been discussed till the time I reached this one), there should be an age limit for cosmetic surgeries as well. To which another user said, “what would a young girl need surgery for?”

That sparked a very important issue among teenage girls in today’s times- beauty standards, which are creating havoc in their social life.

Teenage girls are pressurised to follow the beauty standards set as a precedent by the “coolest girl” of the academy so that the former are eligible to be a part of the group. Sounds like the script of Mean Girls, huh? Well, it’s reality.

Girls fall prey to the pomp and show of social media influencers, who have “flawless skin, body, hair, fashion sense and makeup.” What they don’t understand is that majority of the time it’s all a sham. Most of the influencers have come forward and shown the actuality of what’s genuine and what’s bogus.

Because of peer pressure, some girls even undergo cosmetic surgeries to become like people they idolise. By the time they grow up and realise it was a mistake, it’s often undoable.

For instance, the same freckles which were considered “not-so-cool” and “geeky” a decade ago are now trending. People are even getting permanent freckles through cosmetic surgeries.

Therefore, teenagers should be able to take such decisions related to their bodies when they are grown up enough and understand the pros and cons of doing it which could have long-term effects.

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Girls, you are pretty just the way you are. Don’t lose your originality because there is no one else who can be the better version of you. Love yourself.

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