Can Someone Tell Me Why Women Are Judged Every Step Of Their Lives?

When no one really cares what I want, why must I care about what they want? Really, why are women judged no matter what they do?

When no one really cares what I want, why must I care about what they want? Really, why are women judged no matter what they do?

Why should women marry someone when they are in their 20’s? Well, I don’t want to talk in general, so let’s just take my example. I am in my 20s and the only question people constantly seem to ask me is ‘When are you getting married?’ Honestly, I am not sure if they are more interested in my marriage or in me!

I may want to study further or achieve something in my professional life! In fact, I may even want to get a promotion. When no one really cares what I want, why must I care about what they want?

A while ago, I managed to convince my parents about my dreams. However, I couldn’t convince my boyfriend’s parents that I don’t need to lose my dreams in order to have my love with me. In the end, I had to agree to all this, even though I didn’t want to.

Why must women be cursed for being in love?

My relatives decided that since I love someone, I won’t be taking care of my family. Who are they to decide? I know I will take care of my family, no matter who I marry.

These people even scolded and cursed me for this. What is so wrong with being in love? My parents have accepted my love and instead of accepting it too, my relatives are now scolding my parents! Why?

Who are they to judge? Really, who gave them permission to make decisions for me in my life? It is my life, when will people understand that?

Why do women need to change their family after marriage?

I think this is one of the most sinful things to happen to a woman in her life! Seriously, why do women need to change their families after marriage? Why can’t she be a part of both the families – her new family as well as the family she was born into?

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I find it incredibly disturbing to think that I will be treated as a guest in my own house after my marriage! Why can’t society stop doing this kind of nonsense to women? And by society, I mean, both men and women. Why do our parents even agree to all this? How can they leave us like that?

No one seems to have any answers to these questions, yet we continue following them under the name of tradition.

Why are women judged for doing makeup?

When women do makeup, our society tends to think she is doing so to impress men or that since she does makeup, she is unfit to raise a family. Here’s the thing though, we do makeup because we love ourselves and want a way to express ourselves. We don’t do it to impress anyone.

The only reason we wear bold lipstick is that we feel strong for not because we can’t take care of our families. My in-laws rejected my make-up artist for my wedding because they didn’t like it. And because they felt that it won’t fit in their family.

It’s still happening but it isn’t as bold but it is happening. 

Why are women considered weak when they work as much as men?

I still don’t understand why women are called weak! Earlier most women were homemakers however today they are working outside their homes too. Women are going to the office just like men and are also doing their household chores.

First of all, someone needs to tell me why women are the only ones doing all the household chores! We work the same amount as men and if men are tired after long working days, so are women. 

After all this, they are still working at home and are considered weak. Well, if you’re unable to do this, I think you’re weak, not me! Stop saying women are the weaker sex. They are just as strong as men, if not more.

Why is speaking about periods still taboo?

Menstruation is natural for women, why can’t the world just accept this? We still hide our pads and tampons like we are ashamed of it. Why can’t we just accept that it is a natural process that we can’t do anything about or change?

I get the absolute worst period cramps and I literally cry in pain when I get my periods.

Whenever they show pad advertisements on the TV, men’s expressions change or they change the channel! If I have a stain on my clothes, the world seems to look at me like I am an alien.

All I have right now is a request for everyone to just accept periods as a part of our life and that it isn’t something to be ashamed of!

Society has conditioned women to believe that they can’t be independent. Women are taught to believe that they shouldn’t have freedom and that they don’t deserve basic respect.

Isn’t it time we changed all this? Let women choose their own destination in life without being judged for it!

Picture credits: Still from Hindi TV series Kaatelal & Sons

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