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What Did You Expect From The Month Of March?

Posted: April 24, 2021

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March is the month when women are celebrated worldwide and the issues faced by women are discussed widely. How do you feel about the month?

Have you read the poem “March is the Month of Expectation” by Emily Dickinson? Very briefly and crisply, she mentions the summer joy and things which we don’t know.

Have you ever thought as a woman, what are our expectations from the month of March? Is it International Women’s Day celebration at the office or some inspiring sessions with leaders or waiting for kids’ exams to get over?

Now as we have already crossed March, were our expectations met? What actions are we going to take? Will the March impact last for few more months?

For me, this month was very special. Yes, I had a lot of expectations from my organization in terms of online IWD celebrations, various leaders connect sessions, and personally, my son’s online exams.

I am satisfied with March. Most of my expectations were met successfully. Thanks to the organization.

Conscious action towards change

Today when I look back at the leader connect sessions and their messages through their personal experiences, few actions which I want to take consciously on day to day basis are –

  • Let go of the things which are not in our control
  • Make an impact in whatever activity you do/perform
  • Failures and rejections are part of life, face it boldly
  • However small it may be, take baby steps towards your GOAL

Do share with me what was your expectation from March?

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