Is The Life Of A Woman So Trivial?

Who is the one to lose here? Is the life of a woman so trivial?

Who is the one to lose here? Is the life of a woman so trivial?

I shuddered reading the news story of a 20 year old woman murdered by her husband as he was suspicious of her. She was stabbed in her throat while  she was sleeping and she tried to escape by opening the door of her bedroom when he stabbed her again.

Who is the one to lose here? Is the life of a woman so trivial?

On one side, some women can follow their dreams, make their own choices and have an opinion of their own but on the other side, many are never given the chance to know what being independent means. Only privileged women seem to have some surety of having given the opportunity to live a life of their own and those of the lower strata suffer. If the woman was given the time to progress and become independent instead of being forced into marriage at this young age she wouldn’t have lost her life.

In our society young women gain respect only if they are some one’s wife. Single unmarried girls are a threat and even they are looked at in a hostile way (from my experience). They are married off before they even know the taste of independence.

Even though campaigns for women’s freedom and treating them as individuals are bringing changes in a positive way, the violence against women is rampant. The most crucial of all is the attitude of men. How do they see women? Many men, especially in the remote areas, see women as beings to reproduce, serve and bring up their children, look after their parents, and are treated as if they are some insignificant creatures, given the status of a pet in their home.

It is important to continue the fight for making out a space for women in the society and a lot more needs to be done. The outcome of any campaign or movement should reach every stratum of society and that is only when one can take rest. Until then the struggle must go on but we never know how many innocent lives would be taken by then.

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