Raise Your Girls To Never Settle For Anything Less Than They Deserve!

We need to raise our girls to love and respect themselves, only then will they understand their potential and stop falling for the wrong guys!

We need to raise our girls to love and respect themselves, only then will they understand their potential and stop falling for the wrong guys!

Girls grow up hearing a lot of ‘nos’ and doing things that are meant ‘only for girls.’ I remember when I was in school and we had the physical training period – our teacher would send us to the playground. Boys took the cricket bats or football and played with vigour, using all their energy. Meanwhile, the girls sat in the shade somewhere, huddled up or playing some silly games. 

I used to envy the boys and wanted to play football and all the other games with them, to be thrilled at winning the games. Even in the village, I often see them after they come back from school, gather together and play. During the rainy season, I have seen them play in the muddy water, drenched and soaked in it.

However, I never saw any girls there and often, I wished (and even do so now) that I could play with them. I wished to be able to channel all my energy and spirit in the game while being soaked in the mud!

Our spirits are often tamed

Our wild spirits are often tamed and stifled and we rarely get the opportunity to realise who we really are. We fail to see the potential we have simply because of the roles assigned to and expected from us.

I believe girls need to have high aspirations and dreams. But because of the way they are brought up, many of them fail to dream and soon ‘settle down’ and forget their own selves. Since they barely have the opportunity to know themselves, they choose guys who never allow them to progress or are ones who demean them. They often don’t recognise that their freedom is being curtailed under the name of ‘love.’

We need to raise girls with female role models who have reached the pinnacles of success and haven’t settled for a meagre life. They need to be made aware that they can be anyone they want and there is no limit to their progress. Girls need to be given opportunities to realise their talents and have the proper guidance to channel them. I believe girls have immense inner strength and power that lie dormant until certain situations demand it!

We need reminders of our strength

We need to be reminded of our strength. Some times, when I forget myself and my potential, I have my mother to remind me of it. If opportunities are given and barriers to success removed, girls will grow and have immense self-respect and confidence.

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And if they are given chances to learn from their mistakes and provided enough support, they will reach heights of success. When they realise who they are, they will never fall for the wrong ones!

Picture credits: Still from Bollywood movie Secret Superstar

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