This Pandemic Is An Opportunity For The Future

We all, fall somewhere in the range between masculine and feminine in our mix of behavioral patterns. It's time to have a collective effort to heal the future.

We all, fall somewhere in the range between masculine and feminine in our mix of behavioral patterns. It’s time to have a collective effort to heal the future.

Future is the ripple effect of the present.

Present is the ripple effect of the past.

Our karma is an expression of our thoughts, emotions, actions.

If we want a better future, we have to start working on it now.

We have to think positive and do positive.

Think positive to manifest positive experience.

Do positive to create a positive space.

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That is our opportunity as humans.

We are blessed with beautiful bodies, sharp minds and loving hearts.

That is our natural state.

So why complicate anything, rather stay authentic in awareness.

Think positive.

Do positive things.

Be love.

And life will unfold beautifully.

The global pandemic is an opportunity for humanity to rise towards the next stage of evolution or a catastrophe to bring us closer to the sixth mass extinction.

The humanity on the planet is hurting and that’s why our shadow selves are on the surface — to heal. For eons masculinity and femininity have co-existed and the human race has consistently evolved. We all, regardless of sex or orientation, fall somewhere in the range between masculine and feminine in our mix of behavioral patterns. For context I am listing some of the key masculine and feminine traits for us to look within and identify our own traits.

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Aggression, power, capitalism are some of the masculine traits that have played a massive role in bringing us to where we are today. While we need this mix for the society to function, there has been a huge imbalance as we see the consequences all over.

Another factor that influences the imbalance in nature is the rise of feminine in the past which is why today we see women in leadership and influential spaces. And we need more! So now it’s time to balance these energies. Note — when I mention masculinity or feminity, it’s more about the energy and not genders. We need feminine traits to lead the world. Each one of us has both these energies unique to us and in the collective. What we need is to heal ourselves from generations of trauma because we did not have the amazing tools we have today.

I believe it is already time for humans to BE who they are supposed to be and I am not saying it in an arrogant way. Human beings are blessed with very powerful minds and all the tools to utilize it in a conscious way. Humans have the capability to raise the vibration of this whole planet. And the pandemic has revealed this truth to us. It has exposed us to the impact of every other strategy and systems deployed by ‘society’. And unfortunately things have massively failed!

Now is the time to question. Now is the time to change the ‘way’ of existence and remember WHO we truly are. Yoga, meditation, reiki, everything aims to help us remember and discover the sovereignty that already exists within us. These are the tools to help us rise together to make Earth a planet that would want to inhabit again for the future generations.

Join me in spreading the message — we already have all that we need individually and collectively. We can not ride alone, it needs to be a collective effort. Sure we will make vaccines or medicines but to truly fight these times, we need to work on improving our choices — health, wellbeing, food, leadership equity.

My question — can such a situation sincerely challenge the political system and capitalism by directing us towards a CHANGE we all need? What we today will define the future!

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