Travel & Mommy-ing – We Are In Awe Of These 5 Travelling Moms!

Looking to travel with kids when things are back to normal? Here are 5 mommies bloggers who will give you the travel tips and inspiration!

Looking to travel with kids when things are back to normal? Here are 5 mommies bloggers who will give you the travel tips and inspiration!

There is a famous saying by Saint Augustine which goes, “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page.”

And for a lot of us, this holds true. Gone are the days when travelling was only meant once a year, going to the same place or waiting for the schools to be closed for vacations. Today, travelling means getting to know more people, indulging in a variety of cuisines, and exploring new cultures.

Moreover, it is not only a hobby pursued by young solo travellers but also by people from varied backgrounds, especially women. What could be more empowering than to see moms raising the bars of travelling with their kids? They don’t just travel but do so while breaking all stereotypes attached to being a mommy!

Mommies who travel are definitely an inspiration

Travelling and wandering has a different meaning and purpose for each of us. Other than making people feel confident and independent, it also gives them a sense of calm in travelling, especially with their kids. At the same time, the kids, from a very early age are exposed to a number of different cultures, thus making them more eager to learn and travel.

A number of women are breaking all stereotypes related to moms travelling with kids. And a lot of them also share their experiences to help other moms looking to travel. Whether it is with their beautiful Instagram posts or with their tips and tricks on their blogs, moms are extending helping hands to other fellow moms.

With the pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns, I haven’t really been able to travel as much as I would’ve. So I decided to live vicariously through these mommies who travel.

For all those looking to travel post the lockdown and all else, here are a few of my favourite mommies who travel. While I may not be travelling in the near future, these are the women whose accounts you have to check if you plan to travel with kids!

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Indrani Ghose

An ex-Indian Air Force employee and a top-travel blogger from India, Indrani often travels with her husband and their two daughters. They have already covered more than 22 countries and visited over 250 cities across the globe!

Indrani uses her blog and social media accounts to showcase her amazing photography skills and her travel adventures. She is also featured on Google local guide connects and has worked with various tourism boards across India.

In her recent blog post, on sustainable travelling, she talking about exploring the skies by understanding the astronomical events lined up in 2021.

What I like the most about her posts – both on social media and her blog – are just how simple and relatable they are. So if you are planning to take a trip with your family, make sure to check her blog for some inspiration and a lot of tips, tricks and vacation ideas!

Mridula Dwivedi

Mridula Dwivedi is a PhD holder from IIT Kanpur and until 2015, she served full-time as an academician. She started her journey as a travel blogger in 2005 to escape the routine of her daily life.

For years now, she has been posting a number of interesting stories on her blog. Mridula has already visited 32 countries to date – both as a solo traveller and with her family. With her family’s support of her dream, she is definitely an inspiration to budding bloggers and travellers.

So if you, like me, are someone who wants to live vicariously through travelling mommies, Mridula’s Instagram is something you should check! She gives us both life and travel goals!

Pooja Kawatra

A blogger and mommy to two kids, Pooja is a cancer survivor who started her blogging journey in 2011. Initially, she started writing about her parenting experiences and recipes. She often shares her travel stories on social media. Today, her articles mostly consist of parenting, lifestyle and travel.

In one of her interviews, she was quoted saying, ‘Life is too short to cherish all the moments. So spend time together and make everlasting memories.’

So if you too are excited to travel with your family after the lockdown restrictions end, check out her page. You won’t just find lovely pictures of her staycations and vacations, you will also be motivated to travel and explore!

Neha Mahajan

A traveller and a fashion blogger, Neha often posts vibrant pictures on her social media with her eight-year-old son. Whether it is spending time at exotic locations or in the hills, Neha manages to give major travel goals to everyone.

Her style and free-spirited nature have managed to get her several followers who love the content she posts. Whether you want travel goals or feel a tad envious of beautiful travel pictures, Neha’s account is what you should check!

Shubhreet Kaur

A blogger attempting to break traditional stereotypes related to parenting and travelling with kids, Shubhreet is a travelling mommy who gives me goals! She gives out a lot of tips on travelling with kids and her page is filled with tricks and hacks on travelling, parenting and staycations.

What makes all this even better is that she also gives you tips on travelling by road with the kids during the pandemic. Her tips are definitely something I look forward to using when I finally do travel!

I think it is moms like these who are serving as an inspiration to women who think they need to give up their travelling dreams after becoming moms. As they break the stereotypes related to travelling with their family or even on their own, they have the satisfaction of knowing that they are motivation other mothers too.

I believe travelling has a lot of impact on your mental well-being. And I hope these moms provide you with the inspiration you need to travel when things get back to normal!

Picture credits: Screengrabs from the Instagram handles of all the influencers mentioned

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