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4 Wonderful Travel Trends I See Emerging In A Post COVID World

Posted: July 23, 2020

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As we enter summer and are still confined to our own spaces at home, the world outside is changing. The travel industry, just like everything else is recuperating. And ardent global travellers like me have begun to observe some very inspiring travel trends emerging in the near future.

I’d like to share my stance on these trends with all you lovely people –

1.Responsible Travel will influence more people than ever

In a post COVID world, more people are bound to end up being Responsible Travellers. Gone will be the days when individuals trash places and dump their stuff behind.

“At places, just leave two things behind – your footprint and gratitude” – This is my notion of travelling responsibly. And I see more and more travellers adapting to it.

Corona Virus has taught us the value of hygiene and safety. As a generation having witnessed a pandemic, we will remember this lesson till the end.

2. Touchless Travel will gradually become the norm

A single touch is what got so many people affected from the Corona Virus. And so, I most certainly believe that Touchless Travel will gradually become a legit norm.

Airlines, travel companies and the tourism sector overall will move to Touchless Travel. Contact less security checks, hotel checks, and even touchless travel document scan will soon become the norm.

The World Economic Forum is already running initiatives like Known Traveller Digital Identity (KTDI). The intent is and I quote from WEF, “more secure and more seamless travel that benefits both travellers and the travel industry.”.

3. Mindful Travel will be embraced by more people

Once the world normalises a littler and people resume travel safely, they would most certainly want to indulge in more mindful experiences. Mindful travel implies staying in the moment and living the experience fully.

COVID-19 has hooked people to technology and the average screen time in increasing. And hence once people head out, mindfulness is surely what will be practised for the good.

I’ve been a Mindful Traveler for a pretty long time now and can tell you that the world needs more mindfulness. It’s a beautiful way to be.

4. Purposeful Travel will be prioritised by countries

Countries around the world will make travel requirements stricter. And hence, a legit purpose will be have to be proved to them before entering their boundaries.

A few countries are already advocating the use of documents like ‘ Certificate of Immunity’ for travellers visiting them. This will ensure that safe practices are maintained and the population is not affected adversely.

This was my stance on travel post COVID 19. Feel free to add more to my stance. It’s always a pleasure hearing from all of you 🙂

Finally, as I wrap up this post, there is some good news coming from various parts of the world as far as travel is concerned. Florida will resume vacation rentals soon. Austria is easing its borders for travel from nearby countries. Cyprus is gradually opening up its airports and seaports. This makes me happy.

It’s time to adapt ourselves as travellers in a post COVID world, embrace change and help connect this globalised village 🙂

Traveling Post COVID

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