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From The Diary Of A Travel Enthusiast

Posted: February 20, 2021

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I’m a true patriot but when it comes to travelling in and around India I don’t think twice before venturing out. Here are the reasons why.

Our nation is stunning when it comes to enjoying the bounties of nature. It has everything, right from seashores, to mountainous terrains. From arid deserts to lush green landscapes. India has the best of the man-made edifices and temples. No one can beat our ancestors when it comes to building magnificent structures with precision. When you visit temples down South, you’ll realise what I’m trying to say. Same goes with the lavish Palaces in Rajasthan and forts in Maharashtra. Our country can easily surpass and supersede other nations as a tourism hub. I’m a true patriot but when it comes to travelling in and around India I don’t think twice before venturing out.


No maintenance or Poor maintenance:

Majority of the structures of prime historic and artistic predominance are poorly maintained. With every other structure looking gloomy and dilapidated, one is just not motivated enough to visit them. Same goes with natural resources. I’m a Mumbaikar. The city has some amazing beaches but I’m not able to enjoy any one of them because of low maintenance. We had a similar experience recently when we visited Alibaug via RORO ferry.

The ferry experience was good but I felt disgusted visiting the shores of Alibaug. The beaches are filthy. I had once enjoyed the beauty of Kashid beach. Somehow even that ended up being a disappointment. The place has the potential to become second Goa but what it lacks is the zeal to attract tourists.

Quality of Roads:

The condition of roads, if one wants to explore roadways, is limited. I understand there are few good national highways but the overall scenario of roads and traffic management sucks big time. Thus limiting the options to railways and airways. I better keep my views about the former to myself.

Dirty Washrooms:

It’s difficult to find good washrooms anywhere in the country. Often one is forced to control their breathing and close their eyes shut if in case one ends up using a public loo.

For a girl/woman, it becomes a herculean task to find a good hygienic place to piss.

As females we are conditioned to control all our urges this includes the right to piss too. Atrocious I say!

I have seen a majority of Women haplessly holding on to their bladders ( mentally) thus inviting UTIs and other health hazards.

 For a guy, it’s so simple to just unzip anywhere, anytime in front of anyone. Men don’t have to think twice before unzipping their pants to relieve themselves but can a lady expect the same privilege?

Safety Issues :

The men and their desires are proving to be more of a nuisance to this nation.

They act more like a hungry predator on the prowl waiting to devour any lady who tries to enjoy her Fundamental right of freedom.

Their, ever ready for public display, cellular dildos are a menace to this society.

Can our Nation come up with better infrastructure, maintenance and laws to encourage in-house tourism?

I remember, my husband and I asked the hotel staff in Switzerland, “ Is the city safe for night photography?” To this, the guy replied with a tinge of pride in his tone, ” Of course, this is Swiss, here everyone and everything is safe. Always!”

How I wish to repeat and believe what he said for my country, too.

Image source: Pexels

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