Can We Show A Bit More Compassion To Nidhi Razdan In Her Unfortunate Situation?

Ex-NDTV journalist Nidhi Razdan today revealed that she has been a victim of a very clever phishing attack, and has been brutally trolled since. Let's be more supportive?

Ex-NDTV journalist Nidhi Razdan today revealed that she has been a victim of a very clever phishing attack, and has been brutally trolled since. Let’s be more supportive?

In shocking news, Nidhi Razdan, the host of NDTV programme Left, Right and Centre, has shared about the phishing attack on her in relation to her joining Harvard University as Associate Professor of Journalism.

In June 2020, Nidhi Razdan had declared that after 21 years of service at NDTV, she would now be moving on to Harvard University in a teaching position.

A ‘sophisticated’ phishing attack

In her tweet today, she says that over the months while preparing for her joining date, she noticed several administrative anomalies. She had at first brushed them aside for being a consequence of the pandemic and lockdowns all over the world.

When she contacted the authorities at Harvard, she came to the realisation that she was the target of an elaborate phishing attack. She has filed a complaint with the police and has informed Harvard to take cognisance of this crime.

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Rising cybercrime rates

Since the outbreak of the pandemic and the COVID19 induced lockdown, along with everything else, the modus operandi of crimes has also witnessed a paradigm shift. Between March and April of 2020, India has witnessed a rise of cybercrimes by as much as 86%. These crimes range from online sexual harassment to phishing, hacking corporations and hospitals, and ransom attacks.

Not very surprisingly, women are disproportionately targeted by these crimes. Centre for Development of Advanced Computing, joint director Indraveni K shared that between 25th of March, 2020 and 25th of April, 2020, there were 412 genuine complaints of cybercrimes against women. As many as 396 of which were very serious in nature. These have very real consequences, which Nidhi Razdan is a victim of. These crimes can have psychological, economic, sexual and physical effects on the women being targeted.

Insensitivity shown by social media users

In addition to the exponential increase in cybercrimes, what is particularly disheartening is the way a certain section of the social media user is not taking these very grave offences seriously.

Reacting to the news of Nidhi Razdan being a victim of a detailed and extensive phishing attack, an avalanche of people can be seen further trolling the journalist, absolutely disregarding her mental health situation and professional crisis at the moment.

Let me share some instances of trolling Nidhi Razdan has been targeted with, from quite well known names, too.

People saying things like she gave ‘fake news’ on NDTV and is now getting the same, jokes on how the Hindu right youth need not boycott Harvard any more, to the attempts to water down the gravity of the crime to making memes, are plain insensitive and offensive.

A successful, independent woman with strong opinions has been targeted, as has become the norm. It is not the time for quibbling on political and ideological differences, but to acknowledge the growing rates of cybercrimes and the effects it has on the victims.

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