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Yours Truly

Posted: November 27, 2020

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I appeal to the pride of patriarchal society to contemplate their creation before pelting stones on feminism. Inherited traits of delusions of grandeur and declared possession of idealistic men militate against you.

Before you criticize me till my identity is diminished that I rely on the shoulders of the crowd who have survived misogynistic bruises, I take a moment to enlighten you.

Please regulate your levitating male ego, like how you command women. Your overindulgence in suppressing the alleged weaker section has surpassed your own emotions. Where your tears don’t enjoy the privilege of being expressive, your vulnerability converted into outrage.

The woman sobbing at your home, acing the chores didn’t learn them for “survival as a human.” She was compelled to “strive in becoming an epitome of an impressive wife.”

Don’t fight for equality, unite with it and the victorious glory shall be celebrated together. Unrealistic expectations of perfectionism you pretend to have conquered in hundreds of years are bizarre. Men don’t cry. Men are the bread-earners. Real men aren’t uxorious. The genesis of this bitter statements is well known. They are a product of your marvellous invention.

But I feel sad for you, why haven’t you thought of your emotions while framing these standards? Has the human in you succumbed to the man you have become? Shatter the rigid apathy and let your tears break down, for, I will be waiting to embrace you in my arms I promise it will not make you a less man.

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