6 Ways Women Can Empower Themselves During The COVID-19 Crisis

Here are a few ways women can empower themselves during the pandemic and emerge as warriors, stronger than before!

Here are a few ways women can empower themselves during the pandemic and emerge as warriors, stronger than before!

The COVID 19 crisis and the nationwide lock down has turned the entire world upside down and India is no exception. The pandemic has led to thousands of job losses and shutting down of businesses resulting in an economic debacle.

The sudden disruption has resulted in anxiety, insecurity and frustration among people. And women who have the dual responsibility of career and family are more likely to suffer. It is very important to stay calm and keep on moving ahead in these tough times.

Here are a few tips for women to turn crisis into an opportunity for long term success.

Listen to your body, watch your emotions

Women often neglect their physical and mental health while fulfilling their household responsibilities. Due to social conditioning, women are often made to feel guilty for putting their career over family. Also, they are under constant pressure to be a ‘Good Wife’, ‘Good Mother’, ‘Good Sister-in-Law’ and so on.

It is very important for them to understand that they cannot be Super Women all the time and it’s okay to take out time for self. Women must devote time for their physical and emotional fitness and leverage the options available around. Yoga, ‘Pranayam’ and Meditation work best for women’s overall health and well being and it is easily accessible provided they give dedicated time and commitment for their health.

Best Women’s Fitness App for Free

  • Daily Yoga
  • Desi Nuskhe
  • fit
  • Women’s Health
  • Period Tracker

Learn, learn and learn

The biggest mistake most of the women make is to stop leaning. They often feel that their educational qualifications are enough and there is no need to upgrade their knowledge. This is a very dangerous approach and can hinder career growth.

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In today’s dynamic world constant learning and skill enhancement are the keys to success irrespective of profession. Therefore, to thrive in the competition and build a successful career, women should invest in self-learning.

There are many platforms such as Udemy, Coursera, UpGrad etc. where they can earn specializations. Also many forums such as Her Career Foundation, Women’s Web, Aspiring She etc. support women integrate into the workforce. They should explore such platforms and find out ways to get the best out of it.

Best Online Learning Platforms for Working Women

  • UpGrad
  • Udemy
  • Coursera
  • Unacadamy
  • Skillshare
  • LinkedIn Learning

Power of an online network

Gone are the days, when social media was meant only for online chit-chat. Today, social media is the most powerful tool to influence and impact the society at large. There are thousands of online forums on Facebook and Instagram where young and budding women entrepreneurs and professionals can network with like minded people and grow their business/career.

The only thing they need to do it to look for such groups, participate and contribute. By building a strong online community, women can not only expand their network but tap right growth opportunities in their respective fields.

Professional Women Platforms

  • Her Career Foundation
  • Aspiring She
  • HEN India
  • Women Changemakers
  • Kool Kanya

Set boundaries, seek help

Many may get offended with my statement here but women are sometimes emotional fools. They get carried away with emotions and often find themselves in the trap of commitments. Yes, it is important to be available 24X7 for love ones but sometimes you need to set boundaries for your own peace of mind.

There is nothing shameful in seeking help when you are overburdened with multiple tasks. Also, it is important to inculcate a sense of shared work responsibility among family members. Designating work is the best way to reduce undue pressure and utilize time for productive tasks. Women should learn the art of letting go and let themselves free.

Develop a support system

Working mothers often find themselves in the dilemma of not being available for their children due to their career responsibilities. Most of the times, this sense of guilt leads to frustration and can spoil the entire atmosphere at home and the workplace.

In such a scenario, developing a support system is the best way to deal with the situation. Be bold to ask for help and not concessions from family members, co-workers, friends. Respect your support system and provide them with assistance in managing your tasks. Most importantly be grateful for their continuous support.

Ask for what you deserve

In India, women are paid almost 19% less than men for the same amount of work. Though there has been a substantial improvement in gender equality and pay gaps in the corporate sector a over the years, there is still a long way to go.

Self-doubt often restricts women to ask for their deserved remuneration and they accept what has been offered without any negotiation. It is important to understand that undervaluation of remuneration is going to be harmful in your long term career and hence, women should be bolder when it comes to discussing packages, perks and other employment terms.

It is advisable to take help of experts who can evaluate your strengths and accordingly give tips on salary negotiations to crack the best deal for you.

Picture Credits: Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

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