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Simple truths about life that, I have learnt the hard way. Sharing them with you all, so that you don't have to....

Simple truths about life that, I have learnt the hard way. Sharing them, so that you don’t have to..

1.  Think hard about who you want to marry, love might be blind but married life is an eye opener.

2.  Try and focus on the marriage and not the wedding. As with time, the wedding is forgotten and only the marriage matters.

3. Do not nurture any illusions about an ideal happy marriage as that is an oxymoron. There will be many ups and downs, there will be compromises, may be more than you are prepared for. Marriage is anything but a bed of roses.

4.  Men and women are inherently, intrinsically different. They are like two parallel lines , you may live together but the twain shall never meet. However, agreeable and acquiescent your better half may seem, be prepared for your share of arguments and fights.

5.  Take your man’s words with a pinch of salt and a generous dose of pepper. A lot is said just to make the right impression in the early courtship period with the sole  aim to please. So don’t expect the poor man to actually do what he promised when you were dating.(This one is straight from the heart, as I spent a large chunk of my married life being upset about this one)

6.  Time, the relentless ravager, makes many appealing aspects seem unappealing and abhorable. What matters at 25 may be insignificant at 45.

7.  In a marriage, don’t let the mundane take over, keep some room for magic, do something unexpected, plan a date, go for a drive without the kids. A smile or a hug can do wonders to a relationship.

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8.  However busy you are, don’t stop expressing. Reach out everyday in one way or the other, show your love, express your emotions, don’t assume and expect your partner to just know that you love them, say it and show it.

9.  Make time for your family, don’t let technology eat up whatever little  family time, you get with your loved ones. Create a no tech zone or a tech free hour. Make meal time, family time, remember a family that eats together, stays together.

10. Watch your children grow, play with them, read to them and most importantly talk to them. Don’t belittle them or compare them to their friends, each child is different and special. Always listen to your children, ask them about their day, be their best friend. Hug them often, don’t underestimate the power of love .

11. Your family is because you are. Don’t undermine yourself and make yourself the last priority. It is alright to spend time and money on yourself, self love is the first form of love.

12.  Relationships are important so are you, try and adjust but without bending backwards and compromising on your dignity and independence. Don’t let anyone walk all over you or take you for granted….know where to draw the line.

13. Remember,  no one can love you as unconditionally as your parents. Take care of them just like they took care of you…thank them and tell them how much they mean to you. Spend time with them, plan picnics, family dinners, take holidays, surprise them and just be with them.

14. Make time for your friends, pick up the phone and call them instead of sending texts, a whatsapp text says I am thinking of you, while a call, I am thinking of you and you are important enough for me to stop what I am doing and make this call to you. Surprise your best pal, send her flowers for no reason. Call your friends over for tea or wine, have a no holds barred chat with them, sharing is caring.

15.Focus on people not things, experiences not assets, memories not money. Don’t  sweat the small stuff, don’t fret over the petty family politics, silly squabbles, the maids or even the house, save your energy, emotion and mind space for  the real issues. Seize the day, travel as much as possible, try and live each moment to the fullest. Remember, nothing lasts forever, so cherish what you have, thank god for what you have and count your blessings.

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