When My Daughter Was Surprised To Realise That I Too Had Friends!

College days shape our lives like no other. At the cusp of adulthood , when the possibilities are endless, friendships we make then, tag on forever. 

College days shape our lives like no other. At the cusp of adulthood , when the possibilities are endless, friendships we make then, tag on forever. 

Friendship is one of the most beautiful relations of all. A friend is someone with whom you can let your hair down, pour your heart out, crib about your problems and be sure to find a plausible solution. Having a good friend by your side in itself is a therapy. With them you share a different level of an equation. They come across as one of the best counselors.

Our friendship journey

I have few but really good people whom I’m friends with. We met as classmates in college. We met as strangers, but once we got over the initial inhibition stage,everything was effortless with them. We gelled like bread and butter or like chocolate sauce on top of vanilla ice cream.

This year I’ll complete twenty long and pleasurable years of friendship with them. Or to make it sound even better, We’ll embark on our 21 st year of togetherness. We were still in our teens when our lives converged. We are like an open book to each other.

Right from our first crush,heartbreaks, our initial inner perturbations and frets before joining the first job, the joy of throwing a party after the first salary.We have shared and part taken in practically all the significant events of our lives. Most of us have had an arranged marriage. So, we did have our own share of experiences with regard to groom-hunt. We even sought each other’s approval before saying “Yes” to our respective better halves.

The journey through marriage and motherhood

It’s been a fun-filled roller-coaster ride with them. When motherhood happened, our relationship reached a stage where Silence became a form of communication. The initial years of being a mother kept all of us on our toes. Priorities changed and we were sort of locked up inside our own small world. Yet, the bond grew stronger.

Prior to the onset of the pandemic, I had hatched a plan to catch up with my bevy. We had decided to meet once our kids had their summer vacations on. But then, the lock-down was announced and we were again bound within the four walls of our individual houses.

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21 years and going strong

Then one fine weekend,one of them suggested we meet online. And finally, we met. We spoke like there was no tomorrow. Our kids interacted with each other too. My daughter was surprised to know that I too have friends.

She was like ” Amma, you have friends! I thought I’m your only best friend.” I laughed,I screamed and kept talking. After the call got over, my husband said, ” I have never seen this side of you.You sounded like a kid. You were constantly giggling and it seemed as if you were transported to a different world.” I just smiled and blushed.

It’s indeed true when people say, you are rich if you are surrounded by good people. Good friends are nothing but an asset in real sense. How about you? Do you also have such friends? If so, share your experiences in the comment section.

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