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Mumbai Flower Seller Kanta Murti Stands 7 Hrs At Open Manhole On Flooded Road To Prevent Accidents

Posted: August 13, 2020

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Kanta Murti, the woman who opened a manhole to drain flooding near her home stood there for 7 hours to prevent any accidents, raising our belief in human sensitivity and sensibility.

A few days ago a video went viral where amidst heavy rains a woman is seen guarding an open manhole in Matunga.

This lady is Kanta Murti who sells flowers. According to a report published in Hindustan Times, she opened the lid of a manhole to drain out accumulated water and stood there for seven hours to warn people not to come there to prevent accidents in Mumbai’s Matunga on August 4.

According to Mumbai Mirror, after her story and circumstances went viral, people rallied together to raise funds for her family. Rs.1.5 lakh has been directly transferred to her bank account to help with rebuilding her house and her daughters’ education.

Why was Kanta Murti doing this?

Speaking to ANI Kanta Murti said that “I sell flowers to make a living and support my three children’s education. My five other kids are married and I am the only earning member in the family. My husband is handicapped after being paralysed due to a railway accident.”

On August 4th due to heavy rains, in Mumbai, there was water everywhere, due to which people were facing difficulty on roads. The areas got so full of rainwater that even Kanta’s house was flooded.

According to Kanta Murti people of Matunga repeatedly called the BMC for aid but it all went in vain. Hence Kanta took things in her hand. She came to the road and opened the sewer so that water can drain out.

After this, she stood there beside the manhole for 7 hours to warn people about the open manhole and prevent any accidents.

The 2017 accident where a man died fell in an open manhole and died was uppermost in her mind and made Kanta stand beside the manhole she opened.

While many people saluted her for her good deed, BMC officials who arrived after the video got viral scolded Kanta Murti for opening the manhole, instead of doing their job better.

Open manholes = death traps

Heavy rains and clogged roads are have become a usual occurrence in our country and especially Mumbai. According to a report published in the Free Press Journal, a total of 328 Mumbaikars have lost their lives after slipping into an open manhole in the last five years. That’s roughly the equivalent of two full plane crashes.

Open manholes are a problem in our country. Something that the officials should be held accountable for. Negligence of any sense can cost someone’s life. Hence what Kanta Murti did is an act of responsibility and humanity when officials don’t fulfil their responsibilities properly.

Image source: YouTube

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