Why Is It Vital For All Women To Know The Basics Of Tech In The Current Scenario?

Women as a part of the tech sector is still almost an unheard of concept. But with the current global situation, it's vital all women learn its importance.

Women as a part of the tech sector is still almost an unheard of concept. But with the current global situation, it’s vital all women learn its importance.

Some recent research has made it amply clear that the future of employment for both women and men will be tech-focused. Both genders will have to deal with the upcoming period of disruptive change in not only their occupations but their overall way of life too!

When automation is incorporated into businesses worldwide, as a way to gain competitive advantage, it will be of utmost importance for all to acquire suitable skills. These skills will be based on future labour market demands, and help create an awareness of new technology to function optimally with machines.

When the phasic automation takes place with the preceding technological disruptions, global workforce will be confronted with job losses and gains of more or less similar degrees.

Let’s apply a gender lens to the next generation of technology to understand its wide-ranging impact on women’s jobs. And also on the steps women must take to make use of emerging opportunities.


As opposed to mature economies, developing economies are still far behind in bridging the gap in the education of both genders. Although marked progress in female education is observed in recent years there is still a long way to go. While this does help signify that girls, today, are in a relatively better position respond to labour market demands, we still have a long road ahead.

In countries like India, more than 60 percent of the workforce comprises of agriculture workers – women workers. That goes to show the limitation of Indian women’s skill range and their subsequent inability to adapt. In light of statistics, moving into high skill and high growth sectors will be extremely difficult for majority of the Indian women.

While making education essential for girls, governments can also back them by giving grants and subsidies to acquire technical skills and training. Additionally, a public and private investment partnership in digital teaching and learning mediums might give them safe, inexpensive, and convenient skill development opportunity. The private sector can address the issue of the digital skill gap by offering training and re-skilling to help cultivate new skills.

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Tech Engagement

Technology is a fantastic tool to remove obstacles in the path of our economic independence. We have access to free technology available. And making use of it, will ensure we are active members of the global workforce, help unlock our economic potential while helping transverse market shifts too.

For instance, take the women who have successful careers out of the gig economy. These women have managed to financially empower, not just themselves but women all over with the help of technology.

Some women are running thriving e-commerce businesses, and making quite a freelancing career. However, the trouble is lower-income and uneducated women. They are still so far behind men in terms of access to basic technology, the required skills and hugely beneficial tech jobs.

Why women need tech

As seen above, the future of employment will make demands on people to engage proactively with technology. Thus, it is of critical importance for women to go out and gain relevant skills to stay on top of their game.

As for the rural women or poor urban women, they need the public and private sector to provide them with monetary assistance for education and training. Governments, corporations, and nonprofits can come together to create opportunities for women in STEM fields.

Emerging economies will be able to respond better to changing labour market realities by making technical education essential for girls and women. Enhancing their access to empowering them with technology, and providing them with digital skills development assistance and opportunities will only serve to help and empower them.

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