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The One Sided Story

Posted: May 8, 2020

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It is important to understand the kind of image that is being created in the minds of the audience.

Why is it that media always portrays an independent woman as the bad woman, rebellious, highly impulsive and who ends up having sex with anyone and everyone she meets?
Also what genuinely troubles me is the fact that the media usually portrays successful women as divorcee, detached from their families or having complicated relationships with their partners. Why is it that ONLY this kind of portrayal is being repeatedly shown?

On the other hand, independence does gives a woman the authority to take her own decisions and this authority in a way empowers her. But why is it that the concept of empowerment is only limited to sexual independence ? So is it that one should comprehend that a woman having authority over her sexuality is an empowered woman ?

It is important to understand the kind of image that is being created in the minds of the audience. For those who are upfront and who have access to various forms of media will not be affected a lot. Because they have a platter of different genres of portrayal being bombarded on them.
But think about the audience who doesn’t have access to the varied media platforms. By repeatedly exposing them to a specific way of portrayal of women, isn’t there something going wrong ? Aren’t we sending a covert message that negotiation has no scope at all and for a woman to be empowered she needs to be rebellious, off the hook and then only she can get empowered.

Isn’t this loophole and half baked content going to backfire ?

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