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Something Certainly Needs To Change, But It Isn’t Your Weight Young Woman!

Posted: May 27, 2020

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Body shaming young people for their weight or looks is just not ok, especially when done by those close to them. 

So I was reading a blog today by a teenage girl which was written anonymously by her with a title ‘And that’s how it is’

She started to write with “they said”, and I believe it all starts from they said or what will they say….

She continued to write, “I have to lose around 15 pounds, to make my mom a little less embarrassed by the weight I am carrying.”

It was clear about what she is going through. Why is it like – “for the girls, diet coke! And for the boys a regular one?” And then the people around us ask why the hell is she suffering from eating disorders?

And the most important question or a fact: the worst body shaming comes from the family or relatives, why? It’s not funny just because you are my family, or a friend close to me…

She continued, “My classmates discuss about what a waste of pretty face it is, with that body.”

Firstly, what a waste of your education with that mind!

“What should I do when my mom tells me to look at myself naked in the mirror and realise how fat I am?”

To the girl who wrote this, I would like to tell you, that yes look at yourself naked in the mirror and admire the beauty of the ‘perfect’ body you have, and it’s nothing like “If you loose weight, someone will love you ”

If someone loves you, they will love you for who you are, and if they try to change you or your shape, size or colour, they are not worth of your love.

Image source: a still from the film Gippy

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