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Is Lockdown A Mental Block For Indians?

Let’s not waste time in treating WFH as a paid holiday and rather put our best foot forward at work.

Let’s not waste time in treating WFH as a paid holiday and rather put our best foot forward at work.

The Global COVID -19 Pandemic is indeed a matter of great concern but I’m taken aback by the bizarre reactions of fellow Indians over the 21 days lockdown. While scrolling down social media feeds, it is quite common to come across negative as well as positive comments over the lockdown. I trust the PM, I am sure that the situation shall be under control very soon, this too shall pass. But are we prepared for something even worst that awaits us? 

The Global Recession

The IMF chief had declared that the corona virus crisis has caused a global recession. FYI, this recession is forecasted to be even worst than the recession we had in 2009.

Working from home is a routine job for me, but what has amazed me to the core is the way people dealing with it. A few are taking WFH as an opportunity to have a great family time, while others are blaming the entire system for delay in deliverables.

Tech Savy

The millennial folks who proclaimed to be “tech savvy” are facing coordination issues, isn’t it surprising? Never had we faced coordination issues planning for group outings and vacations earlier, then why is it creeping in suddenly?

People are going gaga over the 3 months moratorium on EMIs and still treating WFH as a paid holiday. In past few days, I have also come cross people who have made working from home industry specific stating that it is feasible for IT industry but not for manufacturing, construction, or EPC. Some have even said that since they are home quarantined ending up feeling suffocated and are unable to concentrate on work. Are we really making any sense giving those excuses?

How many times have we not asked for WFH? How many times did we not hated getting stuck in traffic? How many times have we not cribbed about pollution and the time wasted in commuting to our respective workplaces? – Countless. Then, why aren’t we happy about getting a break from the routine chaos?

In 2020…

In 2020, the average demographic age of the country is 29 years, it was forecasted that developed nations would be investing in hiring young Indian talent but this global recession has hit everyone hard. India, has already faced a lot of layoffs in the last quarter of 2019 and it is forecasted for even more.

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So, let’s not waste time in treating WFH as a paid holiday and rather put our best foot forward at work. Working at home with the same spark and vigour as we did in office, making the next 16 days of lockdown productive and contributing our bit in saving our country’s economy because each minute, each hour, each day matters. It’s high time – LET’S ACT SANE.

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