Why Is A Girl Wanting Her Rights Asked If She Is Trying To Be ‘Equal To Boys’?

Why are we still not open to a woman having an opinion? And why, a girl asking for her own rights is asked if she is trying to be equal to boys?

Why are we still not open to a woman having an opinion? And why, a girl asking for her own rights is asked if she is trying to be equal to boys?

Today, I wondered if I have ever lived for myself. Have I lived for myself, even once?

This is about all the girls out there. When a girl is born in a so-called modern and open-minded family, she is never free to make her own decisions. Her parents simply make her live in a delusion that all the decisions she makes are truly independent. But the truth is that, these parents manipulate the daughters with their sugar-coated words into making decisions they want her to make.

When I was a kid, my father told me, “Right now you should only concentrate on studies (this was his dream). No parties, hanging out, and no dressing up! When you succeed in life, (get a good job) you can do whatever you like!”

Why can’t I ask for my own rights?

But I want ask now why did people hide that these dreams are an illusion for every girl? Why is our society still not open to the fact that a woman can have an opinion that is different? And why, a girl asking for her own rights is asked is she is trying to be equal to boys?

So like every girl of this so-called modern family, I followed what my parents said to me. There, I suppressed all my small dreams of going to the movies, enjoying small get together.

I just kept on chasing dreams which were never mine. But I made them mine. And I finally succeed. In no time, as usual relatives came across saying, “Ooh ladki jawaan ho gayi aur naukri bhi hai. An shaadi kar do.” (Your daughter is still young and has a job. Get her married!)

I had faith that my father will ask me before taking a decision about my marriage, but to my surprise, he didn’t. And I got married at an early age with my dreams lost and my heart torn.

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She needs permission, why?

In these so-called modern families, girls are first handled by their father then by their husband. Where does she have a say about her own life? Her own life! Firstly the girls have to take permissions from the father then from her husband!! Permission, not discussion.

The rights and voices of girls in these ‘modern-families’ are squashed to such an extent that they never find their voice; then even when they do, they are pulled down so hard, they never raise their voice again.

As a girl from a similar family, I often felt why I should be educated and have a good job only to have my voice go unheard by this patriarchal society?

Why I cant be just heard like the boys did for whatever they wanted even without the same education? And why do I have to struggle so much just to get recognition for my opinion and for my voice?

The saddest part is most girls gave up on their dreams and bow down in front of these misconceptions fed to them since birth.

But remember, I will never stop chasing my dreams, no matter what it takes. And I wish you all do the same. Be stubborn and find your way.

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