Fashion Brand Uses Maanvi Gagroo’s Pic With Caption ‘Styles To Hide Your Curves’; She Slams Back

Maanvi Gagroo called out fashion brand for using her picture without consent and promoting body shaming. When will consent be taken into consideration?


Maanvi Gagroo called out fashion brand for using her picture without consent and promoting body shaming. When will consent be taken into consideration?

Recently actress Maanvi Gagroo who was seen in Amazon Prime Video series Four More Shots Please called out a fashion label on twitter.
Maanvi tweeted that the label ‘House of Fett’ used her picture in a promotional ad without her consent.

She also criticised them for using her image in the ad in a way that propagates body shaming, with the caption, ‘Styles to hide your curves.’ And also shared a screenshot of the ad in her tweet.

— Maanvi Gagroo (@maanvigagroo) May 28, 2020

In the screenshot, it is clear that the brand has used her picture with the caption ‘Styles to hide your curves. A distasteful tagline points to.

An apology from House of Fett, but…

In response to this, the fashion brand House of Fett issued an apology on Instagram. They wrote on an Instagram story: ‘We are growing brand we may have made a few mistakes, it was never our intention to the hurt the principles that you (Maanvi Gagroo) stand for. We respect and appreciate the principles that you stand for and hope this heartfelt apology strikes the right chord between us’.

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Although the brand did apologise it is not new for people to body shame women in name of fashion advice. The comments on Maanvi’s tweet are a prime example of this.

Why are women shamed for raising their voice?

It’s not new for people to call women ‘pseudo-feminist’ and shame them more for raising their voice.

The comments on Maanvi’ s post body-shamed her, questioned her ideologies, and even called her out for ‘cribbing’ and not going to court. That’s what society thinks of women, all they do is whine in self-pity and crib about everything, isn’t it?

When will consent start mattering?

One thing that Maanvi Pointed out in her tweet was how the brand used her image for their product promotion without her consent. Often, brands use pictures of stars available on the media for product promotions. What they fail to understand is that using such images without the proper license will only open them to the world of legal consequences.

Also providing misleading information with the image of the celebrity to increase market rate and presence is also illegal. Social media has made pictures of everyone, especially, the celebrities easily accessible. But it doesn’t mean everyone else has a right on them. Yes, brands using pictures of celebrities without their consent is not a big or new news. It still raises the big question of how easy it is for people to neglect consent.

Liberties that people assume because of social media are one of the reasons incidents like #boislockeroom happen. Agreed brands using celebrity images without consent is not the reason for incident like Boys Locker Room. But it is indeed an encouragement to neglect consent and misuse social media’s liberty.

Body shaming under the guise of ‘advice’ is NOT cool

Body shaming and fat-shaming women as ‘fashion advice’ is not new. We are often told – ‘Oh don’t wear sleeveless stuff, your arms will look fat!’ Or ‘wear black it will hide your fat,’ ‘wear corsets and shape-wear so that you don’t look wobbly,’ And ‘wear heels so your legs look thin,’ ‘wear knee-length tops to hide your fat thighs’ and so many others! All of this comes under the guise of ‘Oh! We are just giving good fashion advice for your best’

Wearing heels or black clothes may be a piece of ‘good fashion advice.’ But it shouldn’t be given out to women in a way to body shame them. Maanvi is not the first actress who has been body-shamed in the name of fashion. Actresses like Sonakshi Sinha, Huma Quereshi, Vidhya Balan, Kajol have been shamed for their choice of clothes not being apt for their ‘body’.

It’s high time that we let people be comfortable in their own skin. So next time if you feel like telling someone to wear black to help them look ‘slimmer,’ just shut up and mind your own business.

Picture credits: Four More Shots, Please and Maanvi Gagroo’s Twitter

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