Do Not Visit These Places – Impact Of Extreme Tourism

Responsible Tourism is the need of the hour. Opting for Eco-friendly Travel Products. Reducing the usage of Non-Recyclable Products like Plastic.

Responsible Tourism is the need of the hour. Opting for Eco-friendly Travel Products. Reducing the usage of Non-Recyclable Products like Plastic.

A Travel Bucket List is not a millennial thing. It is created by the Next Generation and whether it still will be a part for Generation -Z or not still remains a question. There are 7 continents, 5 Oceans and 195 countries in the world. Yet, Man wants to wander and explore the remotest place in the world. But, there are a few places that are better remained unexplored. One should leave these Soulful Places alone. Lively and peaceful Places that I don’t want you to Travel anytime soon.

Before beginning with the list, let us know the consequences of extensive Travelling to the wildest and remotest place. The aftereffects that man has left while fulfilling self-desire and dreams.

Why you should not Travel to any of the Soulful Places?

  1. In 2014, the record number of 59,305 western backpackers flocked Leh- Ladakh, India along with over 1.21 lakh domestic touristsUnsafe trekking trails, extreme water stress and intense pressures on a fragile ecosystem are some of the by-products of Ladakh’s embrace of unregulated tourism. Tourists flock these Places, Pollute it causing irreversible damage to the Ecosystem
  2. A lot of people have shown interest in Trekking. While this remains to be good for oneself, Trekking has a scary environmental impact. Trekking causes trampling. Which in turn causes to widen the trail, create multiple trails thus increase soil erosion. Trekking damages the stems and results in no growth making it a new trail. On the other hand, trampling also damages the soil quality and water permeability

Killing the Marine Life and Animal Life Cycle

  1. Tourists or Travelers seem to be less concerned about the environment. Be it traveling to a Mountain, Beach, Cruises or Exotic location. This, in turn, leads to a waste of a lot of resources. Popular Tourist Places in the middle east are facing the problem of water shortage. A Cruise ride means leaving waste and trash in the ocean thus harming the marine life. Traveling to Beaches, means throwing waste into the Sea or Ocean. Human beings are less mindful of the environment. This adversely affects the Nature, Environment, and Ecosystem. One should not travel to any of the places if one does not care about the environment,
  2. Wildlife tourism has an adverse effect on Animals’ life cycle, sustenance, and breeding. Feeding of wildlife by tourists can change social behavior patterns. Forcing animals to show up frightens the animal. Do you remember the Killing of a Gorilla to save a boy at Cincinnati Zoo in 2016?

Responsible Tourism is the need of the hour. Opting for Eco-friendly Travel Products. Reducing the usage of Non-Recyclable Products like Plastic. Not wasting the Natural resources of the region. Pledge to consider these pointers or else Do no Travel.

Soulful Places loved to Death that you should not Travel |

Auli , Uttarakhand, North India

While Auli remains to be the most favorite places amongst others in North India. But this place is loved to death. Trekking Places like Gorson, Tali, Kuari Pass, Khulara and Tapovan, Joshimath are the most preferred locations for Trekking enthusiasts. Do you know the people in the Auli, especially Khairuni depend on Agriculture? Trekkers leave behind trash and pollute the environment, making it difficult for the people to survive.

Socotra , Yemen

Socotra, also called Soqotra is another place that is better alone than flocked by Tourists. This place is a part of Yemen. Think of the Beaches, Sunsets, Sand and the Arabian Sea. Fishing is the main occupation in Socotra. The main food is Fish. It is so isolated that a third of its plant life is found nowhere else on the planet. The Socotra Archipelago has been isolated from any large landmass for millions of years and is now home to a surprising display of biodiversity. Do not visit here and make it another Bali or Maldives

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Mount Everest

Yes, You heard it right. If you have any plans for climbing the highest mountain above sea level, please don’t do it. Unless you are being responsible about the ecosystem and environment. Overcrowding has resulted in the deaths of many in the year 2019. It was reported that Climbers were pushing to take selfies on the Summit. Why not leave Mount Everest alone and not pressurize the Nature and destruct the Ecosystem.

Animal Parks, Zoo and Wild Reserve Sanctuary

Wherever you visit a Tourist place, you will find an animal experience as a part of tour sightseeing. Why do Human being like to, love to see another Living being Caged and perform stunts? Is it not inhumane? Is it not being selfish and unkind for a petty and wordless animal? I too am guilty of visiting such places in the past. However, I don’t encourage it anymore.

Ladakh and Leh, India

Ladakh Leh was once a popular destination only for Foreigners. However, Ladakh saw a significant increase in domestic tourists. Tourism obviously helps the locals. But Over Crowding destroys the place and its sanctity. It pressurizes the resources in the area. Places like these mostly import food from other states or farm with whatever is available. Also, Ladakh generates Electricity using Solar Cells. Thus, overcrowding means overuse of such resources. It also means that the locals don’t get sufficient of it. As a result of this, the locals remain deprived of Electricity, Water, food, and peace. While traveling to such a place, it is essential that you choose the perfect season, do not overuse of any resources. Be mindful and do not litter.

What was once a region known for its serenity and solitude is today better known for the hordes of tourists who have put severe strain on Leh and other popular spots in the vicinity

Jebel Hafit Desert Park, AbuDhabi

Jebel Hafit Desert Park is the quintessential place that is surrounded by Sands and Mountains. Once popular for the National Park. Popular Living spaces have attracted thousands of tourists to the Jebel Hafit Desert Park in Abu Dhabi. Various types of Tents like Bubble Tents, etc are created to lure the tourists with much-fancied interior along with BBQ overlooking open skies. There are no reasons to not visit this place and ruin it. Once people get attracted to it, it will be flocked by thousands. It will result in a shortage of water and Power supplies. To meet that demand, More Powerhouses will be created in the vicinity and more living spaces will be created. Eventually resulting in damage to a peaceful and secluded place of Jebel Hafit Desert Park.


Mongolia is one of the rarest nation bordered by China and Russia. It is known for its vast, rugged expanses and nomadic culture. And of course the very famous ruler Ghengis Khan or Chinggis Khaan. The people are accustomed to a nomadic way of living just like Kyrgyzstan. Mongolia was best known for a more pure, authentic experience that is now ruined by Climate change and Modernization. This has led to a decrease in the nomadic culture and is forcing people to adopt a modern lifestyle. Why don’t we leave Mongolia alone and let it flourish on its own?

Furthermore, A sudden transition is seen in Mongolia. From from a Soviet-style one-party state and command economy to a chaotic democracy and free-market economy, and from an entirely nomadic culture to a modern, urban lifestyle. Global warming and climate change have led to the drying up of rivers in this remote and unique place. The Government and modernization are responsible for this damage to the Beautiful land.

What is Responsible Tourism ?

Being wary of not just the Nature but respecting the local communities and not creating more chaos in their life

Be a Responsible Traveler in 2020. Travel with Eco friendly tourist companies

    • Do Not Waste Water.
    • Replace your Plastic Bags or Polythene with Cotton Bags. Stretchy and durable, these organic cloth and mesh drawstring bags are the perfect eco-friendly alternative to your typical shopping bags
    • You can go that extra mile by choosing your Travel Products wisely and make a minor yet powerful impact on Earth. Ecotourism and Responsible tourism is the only way you could travel and at the same time not litter the earth
    • You can carry 1 or 2 Biodegradable food tray, Bowls, Forks, and Spoons. for your Road Trips.
  • With a 100% biodegradable bamboo handle and charcoal infused bristles for natural teeth whitening, sustainable toothbrush is one of the best eco-friendly travel products.

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